Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tired,Sleepy, Un-Well….

I am extremely tired and sleepy at this moment when I am sitting and writing this post. I have just come back from the session and I am feeling hungry like anything, thanks to a really bad lunch that I had in the afternoon. But despite being tired, sleepy and hungry, there is so much of pain and also there is tons of work that I need to do which I am not sure when and how I am going to finish, I have to that I know but just not able to focus.

If you are a regular here, you must be aware that I was at home last week, not on vacation but working. Still, its just so good to be at home. On Sunday, I started the travel. It was going to be a short travel from home to Chandigarh because I was going to take a flight from there itself to Banglore( where I am right now) . The airport at Chandigarh is completely revamped now and I must say, it has become really good! But a good airport can’t bring the flight on time can it? So the flight of mine got delayed and one delay leads to another, my stopover at Delhi also got delayed. So instead of reaching at Banglore at 9:30pm of scheduled time, I reached at 11pm. Since it takes about 2 hours to reach from airport to my hotel place, I reached my hotel at about 12:30pm. Ask me that I was tired or not and the answer is that its a very small word to explain the state I was at the moment. I had a quick bite at that time since it was going to be my fast on the next day, Monday. With so much tiredness, I finally went to bed expecting a little sleep but that’s not something which does like me very much I guess, especially when pain is there.

Since the time I had been at Singapore, my back is hurting like hell. I am not sure about the reason at all. At first, I thought it might be due to some wrong type of chair and it would get fine on its own soon. But it hasn’t and it sometimes has almost killed me. I normally don’t mention to anyone, especially at home, that I am in pain but this time, I had to tell to mom and even had to ask her to apply something on my back. Got a gel from a friend who bought it for me the next day and applied that as well. Well, anything didn’t give much of the impact/benefit and the pain is there. I shall see for few more days(at least as long as I am traveling, which means next one week as well) otherwise I shall try to see some doctor. Hope it goes away by that time because I really don’t like going to doctor.

The module is going okay. There are 5 delegates but I shall count only 4 since one has not been present for more than 10 minutes in all these 3 days combined together even. I have it reported to the sales guys and they have told me that he is going to be like that because he is into drink, drugs and all the stuff like it. Hmm not good, that’s all I could say because there is a huge amount of money that he has spent and now, he is just wasting it, completely! I wish I could do something but I guess I can’t and that makes me even more mad. Anyways, the rest of the 4 delegates are really nice, friendly and are very eager to understand and learn things. 3 out 4 have not been to Banglore ever before and I have told those few places which I know here and are good to visit. Hope they will have a good time here and besides enjoying their session, they would enjoy their stay here as well!

I am feeling really hungry and sleepy now and since I had a really bad lunch, I am going to be really mad if I shall get a bad dinner now. I have a plan to go to Barista and have a cup of coffee there. Not feeling well, both mentally and physically. May be a cup of coffee and some fresh air would calm me a little, may be!


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