Monday, July 04, 2011

Just Why Not….

Why not people of this earth bother even for a moment too before shattering someone’s heart in pieces and making him bleed to death? Why not people’s hand tremble when they put tears and pains in the lap of someone and yet after doing so, they think that they haven’t done anything? Why not people, not for a moment too, pause, think and try to imagine that how much they have hurt someone who has no fault of his yet he got the gift of tears, pains and cries? Why people do all this and yet claim that they haven’t done anything wrong and they have no fault whatsoever? Why not people sit back and try to figure out that if one is angry and upset, it may not be because he likes to be like this or he likes to “argue” but may be because he is so hurt, sad and upset from things said and done to him and that too, by none other than that person whom he believed who would not hurt him ever, that he might have forgotten now what its like to smile,to be happy?  Why not people think that saying so rudely, “its my bad that I called you, its my bad that I asked how are you, its my bad that I approached you”,  even at time when the person is on the bed and is almost dead, it does hurts beyond what words can explain? Why not people think that may be for the world, for any other damn person, crossing oceans, doing crazy things for the beloved may not have any importance but to that not-so-smart person who did it all, it may mean the whole world to him because he did it for none other than but for his beloved? Why not people think that its not every day and its not for just anyone, when someone would have tears in his eyes , cries on his lips and pain in his heart and if this all is there, its all because that person loved you from the bottom of his heart? Why not people realize that  it hurts so much to see when you are in tears and you get to hear, “I don’t have time for these tears, I have nothing to do with them” , it doesn’t stop those tears but brings much more of them and breaks something so deep somewhere inside? Why not people realize that its very easy to be happy for yourself, its very wise to be thoughtful and to work hard for your dreams like study in abroad, happiness, career but its not that easy to give up a dream of yours just for the sake of someone’s happiness, be happy by seeing the smile over someone else’s face and yet to hear “you are just selfish for yourself” ? Why not people feel the pain of this that even when you love someone in the best possible way you can, care for her in the most caring way that you can think of and do all what a human being can do to see just a smile but still get to see that dreams and wishes of a better career, study in abroad stand more important than you and you are told ,”I must be selfish for my dreams"? Why not people understand that it just breaks your inner self in millions of pieces which pierce your soul and heart all the time and the pain of that piercing flows through your eyes? Why not people understand that a guy does cry too and if he does, his tears are for real even when he gets to hear that one has nothing to do with them? Why not people think that at times, may be someone doesn’t mention in how much pain he is, have been but it doesn’t mean that he is not hurt and is okay? Just because someone appears alive, breathing,doesn’t mean that he really is but it may be possible that he is being dead much long ago and his heart and soul are burnt to ashes!

Just why not people understand all this?

May be because its not possible for anyone to imagine how it feels. One can understand happiness of others by the intensity of their laughter but sadly, tears don’t have different colors for different levels of pain. In the same way, one can’t cry more loudly if he is in more pain but after getting them for a while, even the sound doesn’t come from your throat. Its not possible to see how much a shattered heart because its broken pieces are not visible to others. Its not possible to feel anything whatsoever is said above because to understand it, you need to be that unfortunate who have got this gift of pains, cries and tears!

I wrote these lines some months back and I guess they sum it up all whatever is said above,

Tujh mein aur mujh mein faraq sirf itna hai,

Main tere liye sirf hoon aur tuu mere liye sab kuch hai!

And it’s meaning in English is,

The only difference between you and me is,

For you, I’m just there but for me, you are everything!


Anonymous Siba said...

Very well said Aman bhai.. Farak sirf itna hai ki tu mere liye sab kuch hai!

July 07, 2011 10:30 AM  
Blogger Aman.... said...


Aur pata hai , is ka matlab samjhna aur bhi mushkil hai bahot saare logoon k liye!


July 07, 2011 2:12 PM  

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