Friday, July 22, 2011

Super Happy….

I have just finished my session of this week and I must say, I am really really happy the way it got concluded. Though its a very tough module to teach but with the delegates who are so friendly, co-operative and eager to learn the stuff, it makes so easy to just keep on saying about it without feeling even a little bit of tiredness :-) . That’s what I was doing in these last 5 days as well since the guys were so good that I never felt for once that I am tired(though in the end, I did feel like a dead bee of course). If you are a regular here, you must be aware of this statement of fine that if the delegates do ask you about your contact information, leave with a smile on their face, its a clear sign that you didn’t bore them with your talk and they were happy to be with you. And my delegates of this session, didn’t just leave with smile, they left after giving me a very warm shake-hand and also saying some very kind words as well, like, “this was the best training that I have attended in the last couple of years” and another one, “this was a really good session Aman and it was a pleasure to meet you” :-) . Need I say more that why I chose the title as super happy :-) ? Thanks so much to all those attended the session, it was a pleasure to be with all of you and I really would be looking forward to meet all of you in some another session in the near future. Thanks once again!

Its not very often that I do smile and am happy truly from heart, thanks to this world and the people of it who made sure that I get more pains and tears than my share of happiness, so such moments of happiness, even they are very short lived, mean so much to me, I mean it, they really do!


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