Friday, July 29, 2011

Feeling Relieved, Satisfied But….

I have just finished my session here at Malaysia. I started writing this post when I was still sitting in the training room only but then I got busy talking to another, local instructor lady C who also attended my session as an observer. All the delegates of my session have gone out for a movie or site seeing but I am going to stay inside my room only because one) I have no one to go with me and two and important one) I don’t want to go at all. So I am just sitting now on my hotel room desk and writing it. As I mentioned already, it was a very tiring week for me and though, I was going to write about some things, like the questions that I was asked which I didn’t answer either completely or just dodged them with my skills but I couldn’t do it at all. Anyways, I am done with the session and I hope that I shall get some time to finish this post and write about almost everything that I can put here. But first thing first and for which I came here in the first place or I should say, I was sent to be precise, the module.

It was a tiring week as I said already. This module is one of the toughest modules that I guess what is around and I am not sure that there are too many people, at least in my circle who are completely well aware about the know-how of it. I am not a big expert myself but I must say,I have put a lot of effort in preparing for this module and I am still doing it. I have delivered so far many sessions of this module and its been a tiring but learning and pleasant experience so far. And I am happy to mention that this experience, despite all the mental storms within me, did go okay. I am still waiting for the final rating to come but when the delegates ask for your email, take pictures with you, ask and note down your email addresses, add you on Facebook and say statements like,”It was indeed a pleasure to meet you Aman”,”I never knew that you are just 30 and  are so young and is already such an expert!” and last, from a delegate whom I was meeting again, along with one of his colleagues (met both at Sri Lanka 2 years back), “it was so nice to meet you again Aman and we are really looking forward to meet you in an another program soon” , its more than comforting to tell you that you did an okay job!

When I landed up here, I was having an idea that there are going to be just 5 guys in the session but then the number grew up to 12, probably the highest that I have seen in any of my (and of someone else’s as well) overseas session and that too for this kind of advanced module. And to make thing more better, two delegates joined the session on second day because of some visa issues. Well, nothing comes easy when its about me I guess! But still, I tried my level best to pull things up in the correct order and after the kind statements that I have mentioned above, I believe, to some extent, I was successful too. The delegates were extremely good, friendly and were eager to learn the module. Its always a great pleasure and honor for me to share whatever little I know with the delegates. They were very kind to listen to me very patiently and also were very cooperative . Today, when we finished the session, one of the delegates asked to take picture of the entire group. Initially, it was just one delegate who did set up the camera but then two more did bring their cameras out and it was a photo session for about 5 minutes :-) . I can’t say enough thanks to the delegates for being so warm, friendly and above all, for their kind words. Thank you so much all for your time and patience and it was an indeed honor to be with you all and I sincerely hope and wish that I shall meet all of you soon in some another program. And it would be not fair if I wont mention that even the other instructor, who attended as an observer, said very kind words to me after the session got over, thanks a ton C, it was very nice to meet you and hope I shall attend some day some session of yours as well :-) .

I mentioned that I was asked some questions which either I didn’t answer or just skipped them. Well out of those, first one and the very obvious one, was that whether I have been here or not and how do I find the place, good , bad , whatever? Its not my first visit to this place but 5th one. Yes, I have been here already 4 times. I came here for the first time in 2004 and to be honest, first time when I came to any overseas country, heck first time in my life when I stepped out of my house, city even! I worked really hard to make that happen and just a handful of people truly know the pain, problems and efforts that I went through to make that happen. I won’t mention the reason for doing so. And just before I had to come at that time, I was in tears because I was told….leave it, its not important. Than the second time I came and because of me being stupid and careless(I was still completely naive, remember it), I spent one night on the airport itself, without eating, without sleeping. In my 3rd and 4th visit, I spent the time sitting in my hotel room all alone. And this is my 5th visit to this place, the first time when I have come here for official purpose. Though I didn’t move around myself much but I still was able to tell the delegates that they can go and eat at which places on the first day. So how did I know those places?  To be honest, I didn’t know many but I still do remember those places where I went when I came 1st and 2nd time(didn’t go out at all in 3rd and 4th time, was just in my hotel room). I remember clearly sitting on the front seat of the four wheel drive car and looking outside of the car window at the malls in front of me. I normally won’t say it but I was very happy, no , not by seeing the malls but by being here because I promised myself that no matter what, I shall come here and I did complete that promise of mine, and not just that time but the rest of the times as well. The other question was asked that what I did after the session and since few delegates came to know that I have already visited here, it was an obvious assumption that I must be knowing a lot of people and with them, I would be spending time with in the evening. Well, to answer the first question, no I didn’t do anything after the session except sitting in my room and studying for the next day or trying to spend time on oracle forums. And about knowing “many” people, that’s also not true. I know a handful only and thinking about it, there is one person whom I really would want to meet some day, someone whom I want to make sit nicely on a nice chair and then ask, that what’s your god damn problem that you could never say anything good about me, despite that you never even had met me! She was the one who mentioned when I had to come for the first time, that he is a fake, he wouldn’t  be coming and even afterwards too said just the same kind of things! I guess I better stop here because else I shall be just burning and it won’t be a good thing because already this headache is killing me. Another question that I was asked was about the food, that did I like it or not? Well, I didn’t have any lunch in all these days, reason, I didn’t step out from the building. And in dinner, all what the hotel could give me in pure vegetarian was just rice and that too with really badly cooked vege. And I didn’t have anything much in my first two visits and absolutely nothing in the 3rd and 4th. So if I am asked about the food, well I guess the answer is obvious! And last but certainly not the least was that when I am coming back and this was the question for which I used my “smile” and just said, “let’s see”. Go figure!

Now, its 1:02am local time and I am worried that I shall be able to catch the train to the airport or not which starts very early. I hope all goes well and also, the rating also would come okay. Fingers crossed!

Oh and just before I forgot, in the lift today, one local guy said Sat Sri Akaal and asked that am I a Punjabi? It felt so nice to hear SSA from him and I gladly replied, yes I am a true Punjabi guy :-) . Just one of those little things which bring smile on your face after a long day :-) . Signing off!


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