Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Gone, Week(Days) Is Here….

Well, I didn’t get to write about the weekend adventures of mine because there wasn’t any and I was down completely with the severe backache and headache. I went to my friends place for some time and it did help a little to get a little better with the pain. But its still there and I have just applied the gel. To make things more worse, just slipped on the damn floor thanks to the slippery wooden tiled floor. Did it hurt? Well, its a wrong question to ask if you ask me! Anyways, the weekend is finally over (already its two days) and the tough week is going on. So far, the session has started okay. As usual, the guys and gals are very nice, friendly and eager to learn the module. There has been a delegate in the session who told me while sitting after the session, that he used to read my replies when he was stationed overseas for couple of years and he is very happy to meet me finally in-person :) . He mentioned that when I became an Oracle ACE, he was really happy to see my growth. Now, I don’t like people telling me good things about me but still, those few kind words meant a lot to me, I mean it!

The week has just started and I have been informed that I may have to go to overseas next week. Well, that’s normally not something that I would bother about but the place where I am told I need to go, that has put me in a big mental quest. Let’s see what happens. Its time to be on the bed, headache is killing me.


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