Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Day-1….

I came back yesterday quite late. In fact, I had come late in this entire week. After coming back too, I was (am) so tired that all I could do was just to study for some time and then would go to bed in a hope that I would be able to sleep for some time. But that too didn’t happen and I am not sure that whether it would be happening in these forthcoming days as well. Headache, tons of things on mind, being tired from work, these are few of the top reasons that I can think of for not  getting enough sleep. Anyways, what would happen , will see about it later. Let’s talk about today and a little about yesterday.

I am coming to this place Banglore from last 5 years now and I have been working with one manager over here. Ironic it may sound, but I have not met her for more than twice (2nd was yesterday) in all these years and that too , not for more than 5 minutes. But its always a pleasure to meet her and the way she comes and meets, that’s really good. Yesterday, I was busy talking to some delegates of mine when she saw me. She didn’t come to see me specially but was on the same floor due to some other work of her. She came to me and was very happy to see me. She mentioned her regret that she doesn’t get time to see me because of her busy schedules , to which I just said it’s okay madam. She said a lot of good words to me about me, about my work and said that we are very happy to have you with us. When you are not feeling physically well, mind is also not very stable thanks to tons of things, such kind words appear like a droplets of rain in desert. I am not really that good as much as she said but still, it’s always good and satisfying to know that people appreciate you and your hard work. I don’t work very hard but still, I put in a lot of effort in my work to make sure that it goes fine without bothering about me, my health, my mental state, anything! As she was so much busy so she had to leave and even I had to get back to my session, so we said bye to each other and moved towards our rooms. It was indeed a very good thing and probably the only good thing, that did happen in the last week.

The session was very tough and if you have been following, there were tons of things that went wrong in it. There were two machines which we got sorted out only on Thursday evening. I know how much I had to suffer to get this done. Numerous calls within the office timings, after the sessions, many emails, constant follow up and not to mention the angry delegates who didn’t get the machines for 4 days, that was too much to handle. But still, despite all of these issues, finally when the session concluded yesterday, it ended on a good note and all the delegates were happy. There were lots of long discussions that we did in the entire week but despite everything, all did end on a good note, leaving me a little relived.

I have another session here itself starting from Monday. I am not going back to home and shall be staying here for this weekend. There is nothing much for me to do here still, I have got a small schedule for me. I shall be going to see the doctor today and after that, will try to go to a Gurudwara. There is a famous market here on M.G. Road. I shall see if I can go there for some time, entirely depends on my mood though. I went to a nearby Barista for a coffee in the morning just few minutes ago but had a hot ginger-honey tea instead of coffee. I am back in my hotel room now and will try to sleep for some time. Let’s see if able to catch it up or not?


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