Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Done With The Session & Got A Slight Bitter Taste In Mouth….

I have just finished the session. Though overall, it did went okay and as I mentioned in the last post, the delegates( overall) were good and friendly. This was among those sessions which are really hard to do and takes a lot from your mental side because there are tons of things in it which are really hard to express and show in a confined outlined content, not to mention that there are some practical hands-on as well which delegates must finish and is an integral part of the curriculum. So overall, looking at all the factors, it can be easily categorized as a very tough module to deliver and to be honest, to attend and understand. That’s not the only trouble with the course that it’s tough, there is one more and a bigger, more serious one!

If a course is really really tough too, it can be made easy by going into very deep of the things provided the people who are sitting in front of you are actually able to understand what’s coming out of your mouth and words spoken by you are not for Hebrew for them. I have already mentioned that the course is a tough one , both for the instructor and for the delegates with tons of things inside and less time to pack them all up and that’s the reason most of the delegates actually feel that it’s a highly “packed” course and find it really tiring yet very rich with content and knowledge. Still, there are always few who call it exceptionally tough and not so easy to follow, fair enough! It’s not hard to determine that why such feeling is there with them. But, as I said, there is one more trouble. The course is intended for those people who hardly know a thing or two about how database works and are come with a feeling that there would be some magic “wand” given to them which would make them capable to go and tune everything in just a touch to the database. Well, unfortunately, that magic wand is yet under production and for the meanwhile, they have no other choice but to learn all those things first which they are never bothered before to know, like how database engine works, what happens inside and so on! All this is really important to know because of a simple fact, you can’t even think to “tune” something as long as you don’t know how the heck it “works” ! Now, this is not the only trouble , there is one more. The people who are supposed to do the actual work are not the one who come to the session most of the times. There are tons of information, references which are accessible only to a specific , super-users only and those who normally come, are not from that domain. So what happens when you have few guys who neither have the necessary knowledge to look at the guts of the database and understand it’s working nor have the rights to even try doing so? You get an unsatisfied delegate who blames you, the instructor for not able to understand anything or most of the things. That’s exactly what happened with me in the current session too. I don’t know who but one delegate wrote in the final review sheet that the instructor unnecessary explained some concepts and didn’t tell more about the things which he was interested to listen. Well, the instructor only could tell what was in the prescribed courseware. He couldn’t go beyond it since he had a strict schedule with him to follow. And he can’t help in this that most of the stuff really would require the knowledge of that “unnecessary portion” beforehand . I understand the pain that one may feel being in such situation where most of what the person standing in front of you is talking, doesn’t make much of the sense. But you must know that there are always pre-requisites of any session and you must check that how much of them you have covered. I always suggest delegates to give a read of the book once they go back home after the session but only see that there are lots of excuses for not doing so all the time. Well, I do understand that there are other things too which one has to look after and it’s not the class or work which is everything. But when you know that you are in such a session which is a tough one, you don’t know much of it, the least you can do is to re-read the covered content at least by the time the session is going on. If nothing else, it would help you to recall some keywords spoken in the session and notes in the book, would help in understanding some of them too. But if you are not going to do that too and still think that it’s the fault of instructor that you are not able to understand things, I feel that’s not a correct statement to make. I know myself that if I shall be in such a situation, I shall not sleep, take rest at all in those many days when I shall be in such a session in the attempt to understand as much as possible. But that’s may be me only and not all has to be like me( I can be wrong too) .

I am going to fly back to home tonight. I was thinking that once the session would be over, I shall be feeling relived but I am actually feeling like having a very bitter taste in my mouth and burning. I shall be fine after some time but till then, it’s going to be striking in my mind constantly, something which I really didn’t want to happen at all. Bad, that’s all I can say! 


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