Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Thoughts….

I was actually going to put the title as “two gone, one left” but then I changed it to the current one. No, the original one didn’t mean anything “adventurous” but it was just to mention that out of 3 days of my current session, two are over today and there is only one left. It has been a tough tour for me actually. Not to mention that the modules are really tough, the constant headache, fever, wandering mind, all of these made things really really harder than they actually could be. There are some other things on at the home front too which are also not pleasant and thus adding to the already-not-good mindset of mine. I should be sleeping by now but there is no sleep in the eyes and that’s the reason of me sitting and compiling some random thoughts.

I guess I have mentioned it already that the module is really tough and not the current only but all the past three that I have finished so far. Some do ask me that why do I think that they are tough? In fact, even just today, I had a conference call with a sales-rep. She wanted me to do a session for few days here only. I haven’t worked with her before ever but I had heard about her before though. She came with a reference of a colleague so the least I could do was to answer the call. She told me about the requirement and asked that can I go for a telecon with the client right after talking to her. It was my lunch time and since the module is really tough, I was actually on a very tight schedule. She was from sales so there was no point talking to her about the technical matters so to save hassles of the future, I decided to give a go for the call. Did I mention that it’s all was happening in lunch time? The call went okay, well it wasn’t any different from the other calls which come from clients who wants everything or most of everything but are not ready to go for a real heavy priced shop for it. Though they are not willing to pay really well but they are not ready to listen that there can be any shortness of quality in anything. Hmm now, let’s see this, less price, same (or better) quality, well that’s not a very good match if you ask me. But still, it’s okay. After the call, I asked the sales rep to arrange few things and made my point clear about somethings, very clear in-fact! Well, I could guess from her tone of her voice that she wasn’t very pleasant and I don’t really doubt her. All what sales has to do is to sell, how to deliver what’s sold, is not their problem actually, that’s the problem of the person who is going to face the heat and that’s yours truly. And most of the times, its the sales from whom I hear, “oh what’s so tough in that" . Yeah right! Well, I am very strict when it comes to terms and things since once committed, I would give my head but won’t let things fall apart in best of my powers. And that’s the reason that I am very fussy or if I may say, appear to be very fussy! Anyways, it wasn’t really a surprise but she called off everything since she hadn’t have the necessary resources to pull things through. I must be honest in saying this that I actually felt a little relived since I am really feeling a little burnt out at the moment and am not in any mood to make myself more upset. The current session, even the module is tough, is going okay. The best part, as like always, is that the delegates are awesome. Very friendly, attentive and few did tell in off timings that they are finding the session worth of their time spent. Well, nothing else I need to hear to feel a little relived. There are some more modules that I need to pick ASAP and I am just not able to make a schedule of how and when for them. Also, I have to write couple of exams as well. I am going to make a time schedule hopefully very soon and will try to finish these things ASAP.

I have my office very near to the place where I am staying at the moment. I am not able to pull myself together to do the workout ( note to self, you have promised so must do it), I decided to walk to-from office. It’s not really too much of a workout but still, it’s better than not doing anything. In fact, I even made a colleague of mine to walk with me too today. Another thing which I have decided to do from now on is not to eat at the office canteen. Not that I am against eating there or not liking the food, no such thing. Okay,well may be, I am not really happy with the food’s taste but not the prevailing reason for not having it. The reason for not having it there is that at times, you do over-eating and I want to cut-short of it. And the best way to do this is to get just the meal that you like in taste , in that quantity only which you think is neither too less nor too much and carry it to work yourself. So that’s what I have said to my cook today that get me my lunch packed daily whenever I am here. He surely won’t have any issues since I don’t want to have ten dishes. So I did carry my lunch for the first time to the office, packed at my hotel and it was a good experience. I am thinking to continue the same at every place where I go. At least I can make a request for the same and hope that the cook at that place would understand the reason for me asking for it.

I was going to write about few geek stuff related to some gizmos as well but I shall save it for another post.  There is an excellent piece of poetry that I have just got in an email which also I shall be putting here soon. But again, that would be an another post. There are tons of things on mind going around at the moment making me really upset and since the headache has started to raise it’s head again just now, I should better better find something that can ease the headache a little bit so that I can sleep, even for a little while it would be fine. Let’s see if there is something that I can find!


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