Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another Lonely Weekend-Day1….

I have finished my last session yesterday and there is another one that I need to finish, starting from this Monday. And that means, that  I have a weekend with me to spend here. If you are sitting all alone in a far distant place, have no idea what to do, where to go and have a weekend in front of you to spend, it can be a real tough thing to handle. Okay, may be I am just exaggerating things a little too much. I do have an idea about the place in fact as I am visiting here from quite some time, know couple of places where I can go but may be it’s just upset mind of mine because of which I am not getting up and actually going. I have planned to visit some shopping mall in the evening in a hope that since it’s Xmas, there would be a little different decoration that would be there. Oh and BTW, Merry Xmas to all who happen to visit this place. I wish you all a very great 2011 and hope you would enjoy your Xmas and weekend, with your family and friends in a great spirit and would have a great time!

If I am sounding a little cranky, well the reason of that may be is that. there is a lot that’s going on in my mind at the moment and I am not really sure how to put it at rest, even for a small while too. I think I should plug-in my iPod touch earphones in my ears with volume level raised to the maximum so that my mind won’t get time to do anything except hearing tons of tunes :) .


So I finally got myself up and went to have a coffee at Barista. I didn’t know that they do have an outlet around to the place where I am saying. I just happened to see the outlet while taking a walk. Even when I did find them there, I am not too pleased with the service they offered. I ordered a Ginger-Honey tea with vegetarian Pasta. Though the tea was okay, but the Pasta was fitting completely into the profile of “bad” . I happened to finish it somehow and left for the hotel. Even though I can’t say that the Barista experience was really pleasant but still one good thing happened and that is that I walked a lot. I have been walking to-from the office-hotel daily as well. I am not feeling well so not doing any workout when I am back at the hotel so hope that this walk for about 4kms would fill in the gap somewhat. 


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