Wednesday, December 01, 2010

An Evening Spent With Myself….

I passed last almost 3 hours sitting on a bench in a park which is nearby to my home. I go there when I am in a specific mood. That bench, on which I sit, is like a faithful friend who never says anything, never asks me to leave, never questions me anything but just lets me sit there as long as I wish. Usually there are lots of people in the park but fortunately for me, today there were almost none. There were few kids who were playing for some time but then they left too because it was really cold in the evening today. I should had not sat there too because of not being so well (its not a good idea to sit in cold when you have fever)  but there was no other place for me to go except that one and as I said, that bench never asks me to leave or even asks me why I have come there so that’s the best place for me to be with myself. What I was doing there? Well, I was appearing to be sitting quite outwardly  but I was thinking a lot of things inside. Did I manage to get somewhere in that thinking process? Well, no I guess but I did become quite and so did something else which was dropping constantly from eyes when I reached there.


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