Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ironical Isn’t It….

It was one of those days when calling me “dead” after the class is just about right! I was(am) having a very bad headache since the morning itself and it was just (bad) luck that  today only was the first day out of forthcoming three which are having the toughest of the things lined up. So because of this, there was a HUGE discussion which did happen throughout the day. I spoke almost non-stop ( took a break of 10 minutes for tea) for about 3.5hours in the first half before the lunch time happened and then after it, again for about 1.5 hours. There was a small rest which I got when the delegates were doing their practice but by that time, the pain in the throat was already there and I was feeling like “dead” . The delegates suggested to finish one more chapter to save time for the practice on the last day and there was no reason for me to say no for it so after that break, I again delivered a session for about one hour. By this time, I was almost not able to stand up. I had to look for two machines which are down since the first day itself. I have used almost all what I could and also have raised the support ticket for it ( which is also now escalated to a Severity level) but there is nothing which has worked so far. After that, I had no energy left in me and I started for my hotel. I was so tired that I just had a quick dinner, a cup of tea and was on bed up till now. The headache has not been fine at all despite that I have taken Disprin after dinner. Eyes are burning and mind is going crazy for not sure why. I must be asleep since being so tired but despite that I was on bed for almost an hour, there are no signs of sleep anywhere and I am just wide awake. If that’s not ironical, not sure what else can be?


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