Thursday, December 30, 2010

Few Awesome Words….

At times, some wordings , even when they come in front of you all of a sudden, are so good and awesome that they leave a print on your mind and heart for forever. Yes, it does require that you do have what it would take to understand the deepness of those words though. I came across such one short poetic marvel few days back which I liked so much and thought would share it here. So since today, I have got some time free with me and also, thanks to headache(and a little fever which is slowly creeping its way) due to which I am not able to do anything technical at least today, I thought to finally put that poetry here. I actually should have been sleeping since I haven’t slept almost not at all in the entire last night, but I am not able to so what more can be better than sharing something which I really liked so much! So here is the Punjabi version of the poetry first,

Kalleyan ishq kamauna aukha,
Kise nu yaar banauna aukha!

Pyar pyar te har koi bole,
Kar k pyar nibhauna aukha!

Har koi dukhaan te hass lainda e,
Kise da dard wandauna aukha!

Gallaan naal nai rutbey milde,
Jogi bhes watauna aukha!

Koi kise di gall nai sunda,
Lokkaan nu samjhauna aukha!


And here is it’s translation in English,

It's tought to just give love,
It's tough to make someone a companion!

All can sing the word,"love",
It's tough to actually be in it and live upto the expecations!

All can laugh over someone's pains,
It's tough to share the same of someone!

It's not mere talks which can bring laurel,
It's tough to actually live like a saint!

No one listens to cries of anyone,
It's tough to make people understand!


And there is one more, smaller one compared to above but equally good IMO,

Sab ke hothon par tabassum tha mere qatal ke baad,
Jaane kya soch ke rota raha qaatil mera!

And it’s translation in English is,

On everyone's face, there was a smile after I was killed,
Not sure what made my murderer cry his heart out?


Like I said, few wordings are just awesome! Aren't the above two are of the very same level? If you ask me, the answer is, absolutely!


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