Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Day-1 Update & Day-2….

There was nothing too exciting that I did on day 1. I had to go to doctor for my checkup, thanks to Mr. Headache, so I went to him. He didn’t say anything which I myself don’t know. I mean, I do know I have to sleep, eat , don’t have to stress out myself and all such normal things. I believe all know it right :) . Anyway, I did listen to all what doctor said. He said , he is going to give me a strong medicine for headache and I should revisit him after three days. I certainly would do that if I would get some time and once I shall finish the medicine ( I forgot to have it today but I shall have it after dinner because headache is still there) . Okay, enough about medicine, doctor. The next place I went to was the famous M.G. Road of Banglore, a place which boasts a huge presence of many shopping malls, big shops and lots of people. Tons of stuff is sold there and I could see only the branded, really costly stuff there. It seems all the people just go for one thing and that is , shopping. I didn’t buy anything for me. I did do a little of shopping for my sister, had a donut at The Donut Baker which I was told is really good and in fact, it was actually really good! I was told that they don’t have any more branches in India. I believe that can be a correct statement because I haven’t seen any outlet of these people anywhere else. I shall search now more closely as well. After that, I had dinner at Mast Kalandar, which I believe is agai at Banglore only (as I was told) . But anyways, the food was okay. I didn’t find it really that good and certainly not worth to recommend to someone else. After that, I was back at my hotel room. Day 1 was over. Okay, well the day was over but the most happy thing I did hear in the night only. I won’t mention it here but it’s something thinking about which I was smiling for so long :) . What it’s about? Well, I won’t tell it here except this that it’s related to shopping only :) .

Day 2 didn’t have anything too exciting as well. I was in my hotel up till afternoon. Then I went to a nearby Gurudwara. I spent some half an hour there. After that, I had lunch at a small food outlet, Gangothri Food. Food was okay but the service was not good IMO. I ordered something for me and they took more than 15 minutes to get it. I cancelled the order after such a long delay. I won’t say the food’s taste wad bad so for the food, I can recommend the place to anyone. I was back at my room after that and was on the bed sleeping for most of the time because of headache.

That pretty much sums the weekend. Now, I have to see tomorrow about the session, hope it goes of well!


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