Thursday, December 02, 2010

Don’t Travel When You Are Sick….

….But you can’t skip too if you really have no choice in your hands. That’s kind of same what happened with me as well. I am back from day 1 of 2 travel almost an hour go and I am feeling really burnt. Why? First, I am not feeling well and as I said just now, don’t travel when you are sick, especially not for work, again for which I traveled today. Second, not in a good mood. Actually, in a really bad and upset mood and in my field of work, its not a good combination when you are in an upset mood and is out for work. Its a torture, plain torture! Mix bad mood with fever and you have got everything you need to mess things up, being cranky and feeling like that earth must part and you disappear inside it without leaving a trace even! I have got another day of working left before I shall get a break for a day and then the BIG time travel will start. I am not sure that I would be able to sort out my health and mood by that time. Let’s see what happens.


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