Monday, December 06, 2010

Cold, Headache, Tired, Sleepy….

Warning: If its going to sound completely unordered post, well, believe that it’s really is a result of an equally disturbed mind inside a sick body.

I am at Banglore. Even though my day yesterday started at about 3:45am, I spent almost the entire day, up till 8pm to reach here. The journey was so much tiring and thanks to couple of types of pains, it wasn’t really a joy as well. I managed somehow to take dinner and was on bed quite early. I had no strength in me and not much has changed even today as well.

As I just said, my day started really very early morning yesterday. In fact, saying that the “day started” won’t be completely correct because I couldn’t sleep at all the other night at all. Since about 7pm, really very severe pain started in the lower portion of my right leg. I normally don’t really bother about what happens to external side of mine. Even if I am not in a good position, I won’t say anything. The other night too, I didn’t say anything except for the fact that I really wanted to scream so loud because of the pain being totally unbearable for me. I somehow was on the bed only under the blanket trying to bear the pain silently. I did have pain-killer but they didn’t do much. I had one before going to bed and had one within next 2 hours again. I thought I shall get some sleep before I shall wake up for the travel but I couldn’t sleep at all. Before that my alarm could wake me up, I was already done from shower and all and was waiting for the travel to start. The travel itself didn’t start of too well. I was going to catch an early flight, in the afternoon time. And the best way to catch that was to catch up a fast train. Normally that train is on time but yesterday, it was late for about 30 minutes and since I was on a very tight travel schedule, I couldn’t afford to be late. I was waiting desperately for the train to arrive and fortunately, it did arrive without getting more delayed. I didn’t have breakfast thinking that there would be one served in the train and it wasn’t completely wrong too, it was indeed served. Well, if you want to call two slices of bread with two cutlets a breakfast, may be it was served. My leg pain and headache was traveling with me ( and were really comfortable I believe) so I thought to take a leave from them by going to sleep but that too didn’t happen, thanks to 3 kids around me who were jumping everywhere saying something in their own language to each other and one kid which was not able to jump around but was standing behind my seat on his father’s legs, tapping on my head all the time. The kid’s parents were not really bothered about what their kids were doing and were busy in eating ,sleeping or chatting to each other. I did want to sleep so much but then I gave up the idea. Yeah, I know you must be thinking that why I didn’t listen to my iPod Touch? Simply because I was already having a really bad headache and any sound was just increasing it.

Somehow, I managed to reach Delhi on time. There was a big argument between me and the cab drivers for the charge. I don’t know why people think that all the others around are just fools and whatever they would say, all will accept without any problem. Well, not for me since I won’t accept anything just like that. They were charging me a fortune and I was not at all ready to pay that much. Some how, all the dust settled and I left for the airport. I was going to fly from the new airport, Terminal 3. This was my first time to travel from there and I must say, I am VERY pleased with it. Its truly a very nice airport and despite that I have seen only the domestic terminal, I can safely say that the international terminal would be equivalent , if not better , to it. I was going to have food given within the flight but I was so hungry that I decided to have something from the airport. Well, though I am very happy with the airport shops look and feel, I am not sure that I can say the same about the food that I had yesterday. I had a sandwich from Subway which was not really not that great as I thought it would be. Though it wasn’t so good but it still did prove to be a good decision that I had that from the airport because the food that I had within the flight was even more worse than it too. And the experience within the flight wasn’t really over-whelming as well.

Normally, Kingfisher airline is considered to be a good airline. Well, if someone is like me who has traveled with all the airlines, I would say that they all are same but still, its okay, not great but just okay. But I believe , it also is facing some serious cost-cuttings because the food that was served within the flight was not at all good. I can get much better food on some road-side stall. The in-flight entertainment system was getting hanged all the time, got rebooted as well ( its using Linux ) still didn’t get any better. Also, the programs coming over it were really boring( for me). I was already having headache so I just threw off the darn earphones and was looking around. Besides me, there was an airhostess sitting ( sleeping actually) with her ipod on her ears. There was another guy sitting next to her with his iphone 4 plugged deep in his ears. In the row beside mine, there were three airhostesses sitting with their ipods inserted in their ears. Almost all within the flight had either an ipod, iphone or some swanky phone which they had plugged into their ears. I was just lost seeing all this to be honest. I feel that even though I am working with among the most complex computer technologies available, still there is nothing of it that I use for me. Not sure what I was thinking at that time and even now too. In all of this thinking, finally it was announced that we have reached at Banglore.

I thought I shall be getting to my hotel on time since it was about 5:30pm when my flight landed at airport. But I guess, because of headache my mind stopped working and I forgot that I am at Banglore which is known for two things for sure, good weather and bad traffic. No doubts, the weather is good, in fact its really cold here,  just like back at my home and it’s not good since I am having a little fever. Anyways, the bad traffic was really bad yesterday. After waiting for almost 30 minutes for luggage, when I finally started for my hotel, I had a clear idea that I am going to be so late to reach there and that’s exactly the same what happened. I reached at about 8pm at my hotel and I was tired like dead. I ordered some food, had a cup of tea and was on bed. I wanted to study but there was no energy within me to do so. Leg pain was again increasing and so was headache so I woke up and had two Penadols. I was able to sleep for some time after it but then again woke up at about 3 , not sure why. I was not able to sleep back for about an hour after that. I was thinking I don’t know how many things at that time and don’t know when did I sleep back again.

I got ready and got at the venue. Well, I met a really stupid fellow there who made me so upset right in the morning itself. It wasn’t even 10am and I was so much upset and was burning with anger. Within the session, there are 2 guys and 1 gal who has attended my previous sessions and were happy to see me again. About the module, its a real tough one and to add to me woes, 8 machines , out of 14 got messed up on the first day itself. I have managed to bring up 4 but there are still 4 more pending which I would try to check and repair tomorrow. Hope they do get sorted out without too much of trouble. The whole group of guys are quite good. We have just started the week so let’s see how the rest of the days follow.

I came back at about 6:30pm and had a cup of tea. Though the leg pain is a little better now( its still there) but the headache is so much bad. I shall see if I can eat something and have a pain-killer to make it go away. There is tons of stuff that I need to study before tomorrow starts and with a headache within head and not-so-good-mood,I am not sure how successful I shall be in my attempt to do so. I am feeling so much tired and sleepy as well and that’s just not what I need at this moment when I have so much of work to do. Sigh!


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