Monday, December 20, 2010

Travel Update(Again)….

It’s going to be a short update though because I am not feeling well, both mentally and physically. I reached here at Hyderabad yesterday evening after finishing a two weeks program at Banglore. Though I initially decided and it was suggested to me as well by Amardeep and Ankit that I should actually stay with them over weekend, I still decided to go to home for a day. My mother’s health is not fine at the moment. So even when it was just going to be a day long visit, I decided to go to home. This proved to be much tougher than I thought because of the extreme chilly weather. To make things worse, the flight of mine got delayed by more than 2 hours. I planned to reach Delhi by 12am so that I could reach home early morning. But thanks to the delayed schedule, I only managed to reach at about 2:30pm to the bus stand itself. I managed to get a bus right away and finally reached home at about 9am. The day was completely packed with lots of things to be done and that’s an essentially tough task when you are not feeling well and having a fever.

I did managed to finish all the things before the day could get over. Needless to mention that I was dead tired by that time the day got over and the best part was that I was leaving again next (very early) morning at 5:30am. I wanted to sleep in the train but I couldn’t because there was just so much chaos in the entire train. I only could catch a nap for about 10 minutes or so maximum and after that I was just watching those people who were doing all sorts of things to keep me awake. For example, there were bunch of girls who I believe were visiting from some other country and were in impression that they are in their house balcony and can do whatever they want, talk whatever they feel like. Then there were three guys who got into an argument with a couple and many more funny characters like that were there in the train. I took the cab and went straight to the airport. I believe the chaos that was there with lots of weird characters did follow me at the airport as well.

I really don’t understand girls who are filthy rich and think that they own this world. And for the record, I hate such gals( and guys) more than anything else. I am not the one who would lose temper so easily but mess with me and/or try to show me how “cool” you are with your attitude, you would be able to successfully make me upset and it’s not at all good if I am upset. And that’s what exactly an iPhone queen did to me when I was at the airport. I was in the check-in queue and a must-be-rich gal with her eyes glued on her iphone and all the dinging-dangling stuff was standing behind me. There was a lot of rush because of a group check-in and it was taking time. Now, all of sudden she tapped on my shoulder and asked me, “are you in the “line”? Huh? I couldn’t get what she asked in the first place so I said,” I beg your pardon” and she repeated her line( without even looking at me) , “are you in the line” ? Well, she did what she could to pist me off really well and so I was. I replied, “you mean am I in the queue, well yes I am” . And she looked at me with her burning face. She did start saying that I have no manners and all that and just at that time, I thought of a good use of my new ipod touch. I plugged in the earphones in my ears and just forgot that she was there because for me, it was “mission accomplished” already. Oh yes, I can be very bad once pushed and that was just one of those moments. I got my boarding pass and walked off for security check and to eat something.

I managed to get here in one piece despite a real bumpy flight. The session has started and let’s see how it goes. Oh yes, I didn’t mention anything about “not being well” . Well, there is some fever, some mouth ulcers, some sore throat for the physical side and for the mental side, the list is far too long to be put here.


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