Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chilly Travel….

I have just got back home today morning. I wasn’t supposed to come back actually since there was another session scheduled for me but somehow, it got cancelled. If you have read random thoughts, you would be knowing about the reasons that why it got cancelled. In a way, it happened for good only because I am completely burnt out and was having no strength to pull it through at all. So after a little bit of initial confusion that whether I am traveling back or not, it was finalized yesterday that I am indeed traveling back and I did!

it had been cold two weeks at Hyderabad and it seems that I brought the same cold, chilly weather with me back to home as well. The temperature in Hyderabad is always pleasant, at least in the night it’s like this. Since I have seen, experienced much colder weathers than what the residents of Andhra live into, I can bear much more “cold” than what is there. But still, this time, even for me, it was indeed cold there. The temperature was almost the same which was there few days back at New Delhi which was surprising because I never experienced it before ever there. And obviously, for the local residents, this was indeed TOO COLD! I didn’t switch on any air-conditioner or even fan too all the while when I was there this time. I knew it already that if it’s this much cold here , it would actually be much colder when I shall be traveling back to home and the same did happen too!

I started my travel at around 6:30pm by picking a cab towards the airport. The flight was scheduled to fly at 9:30pm and I was almost certain that the flight would be getting delayed because there has been extreme foggy weather at Delhi, especially after 10pm thus making the flight’s descend very tough! But to my surprise, the flight was on time. I don’t know how did it happen but there was not even few minutes delay too in the flight. I didn’t buy anything to eat from the airport except for a cup of coffee. I had that and was waiting for the flight. There wasn’t any (free) food to be served in the flight and since I was having headache, I didn’t want to have anything too. The flight was almost smooth, there wasn’t many bumpy shakes. Since I was traveling through a low-cost carrier which comes on a different airport, there wasn’t much rush on the airport. Within 5 minutes, I got my luggage and was ready to take the cab to the bus-stand. Just there, at the moment when I had to pick the cab to move towards the bus-stand, the whole experience , which could be smooth, was ruined. Why? Well, I took a pre-paid cab and my no was 2. Now, when I approached the cab-stand and reached at the spot of number 2, even though there was driver standing there but he overlooked me and started looking for someone who was behind me and started calling him to get in the cab. I did try to call him and ask but he didn’s listen and I was just standing quietly thinking that the next cab would come. At that moment, I heard some other cab driver saying that why you didn’t take that other passenger( me) into the cab? To which the driver replied, the other passenger has lots of luggage so he would get extra for the luggage besides the fare. Hmm so that was the reason! Needless to mention , I was FURIOUS! It’s a bad idea to ignore me and it’s even more bad to do it purposefully. I was looking for the traffic cop so that I could complain. In the meantime, that “extra luggage” passenger dropped off from the same cab and walked down. The driver rushed towards him and tried to pursuit him back to the cab but he refused. I have no idea what happened that made that passenger to do so but anyways, I was already very angry on that driver so I didn’t really pay attention to what was happening around. I was still looking for the cop when the same driver approached to me and asked that whether I would want to go? Huh? You didn’t pick me up in the first place Mister when it was your duty since it was my turn. You bypassed me and now when your original plan got backfired, you are here now to pick me up. I was just so mad! I told him that I am not going to ride in his cab, doesn’t matter what! A traffic cop came by that time towards us and I explained him the whole matter. He immediately asked the cab driver to take his cab out and arranged another cab for me. I normally don’t like to make anyone’s life problematic but yesterday, I don’t think anything else could be done. I left the airport towards bus stand.

There wasn’t much rush at the bus stand yesterday. I knew which bus would be there at that time when I would reach stand. You tend to pick up these kind of things if all what you do is travel. I went to the counter and guess what, I knew the guy who is the in-charge of the tickets of that specific depot. Not that it’s something really to be proud about but yes, when you know someone and greet him from his name, the least he can do is to offer you a cup of tea and give you the ticket without asking to get in the queue :) . So I got my ticket, placed my luggage within the bus, bought a water bottle and was now in the bus. It was very cold and I could just imagine how much colder it would be on the way when the bus would finally be moving on the road. When the bus started, the cold wave became really strong even when all the windows were very firmly closed. It was already so cold and whatever rest was left to make things even more chilled, was completed by the downpour which started almost in the half way of the travel and did continue even after I got back home. Luckily, there wasn’t any delay that did come in the travel because of all this and I was able to get back home on time, something which I was really looking forward to.

Now, I am at home and since from the past few days, my health is not so well, the first thing I would do would be that I shall take some rest and would also visit some good doctor. Hope rest and some good medicine would make me a little better if not completely , fingers crossed :) .


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