Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two Heart Touching Quotes….

Some times, in just 1-2 lines, a lot is said which shakes you till within. Be it a feeling of joy or pain, both can be explained in a very small space leaving an impression with the deep meaning underneath that short space. Such kind of thing happened today when my friend Manushee posted two quotes on her Twitter timeline, reading which made me get lost in so many thoughts. I am putting those quotes here but I won’t be explaining their meanings or I must say, their true meanings, over here. I leave it for you to understand it yourself because some things are better left unsaid as words can’t give justice to all the expressions. Have a read,

I dream of you as I fall asleep. I cry, I yearn for your one word, just one kind word but you never say it. I wait and I go to sleep in tears all over again!

And this is the other one,

I wish you had understood my silence as I understand yours!

As I said, I won’t be explaining what these quotes are trying to say but if you ask me, I can write in so much length explaining their meanings, they have got so much of meaning hidden beneath them. I leave it over you to have a read and try to understand what is that meaning and if you do get it, I would love to hear it back from you!

Thanks Manushee for such nice quotes!


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