Monday, July 27, 2009

Debi, At His Best Once Again....

Few days back, I posted blog post of a video of one of the best write up   of Debi Makhsoospuri. I shall say here again what I said over there as well, there is no one who can match the quality and thinking of Debi and when you are talking about the people who hurt their loved ones and the pain they give to them, no one says it better than Debi.

The following is not a song( as like the last video) but just few lines of poetry, again penned by Debi only. The only difference is that this time, they were recited by Manmohan Waris at a festival which happened in Canada. Manmohan is one of the best singers that we have in Punjabi industry. He, along with his brother Kamal Heer, presents a show called Punjabi Virsa( Punjab's Heritage), an awesome , live event where both Manmohan and Kamal, along with their third brother, Sangtar, presents some of the best songs of them. This poetry is written by Debi and hits very hard deep within the heart, especially if you are a person who has hurt his beloved. Debi has written very simple , yet very hard hitting words, enough to make the person cry who has hurt his beloved if he hears them. In one word, simply awesome! There is no official video that I could find of this show so the video that I am going to put, is actually a made up one. Manmohan Waris  says while singing the poetry that all those who have got their hearts returned after being crushed into pieces by their own love, they have got the words hit their heart instantly. Its so good that I couldn't stop myself even from posting a comment over the video(search over the page with "aman" , you would see it). I am posting the video first. Here it is,

And here are the lines. This doesn't include what Manmohan is saying to the audience but just the poetry. As usual, its in Punjabi and I shall explain the meaning of it in English in a while. Have a read,

Paa neevin kolon langh jana,

Main akh tere wall nai chakkni!

Jo apne vichale wahi tun,

Main bhull k leek nai tappni!

Yaari da lekha jokha tun ,

Jad marji kar layin ni balliye!

Gam rakh laye teri "Debi" ne,

Teri hor cheej koi nai rakhni!

Hath ucchian attarian nu paya naion jana,

Tun tan teesan wala ber, sathon laya naion jana!

Taithon rahe khade najar milayi naion jani,

Saathon agge ho ho k bulaya naion jana!

Taithon shohratan di uchi kandh tapp naion honi,

Saathon palla badnami ton chhudaya naion jana!

Ik nadi de kinare "Debi" kadon milde,

Ni tain jaan k nai aauna te saathon aya naion jana!


And here is the meaning of it in English,

I shall keep looking down and cross you,
But won't raise my eyes and look at you!

The line of seperation that you have drawn between us,
I shall not pass over it even by mistake!

Whenever you feel like, come and do the audit of this love that who got what,
I have just kept all the pains given by you, nothing else of you I shall keep with me!

It would be impossible to touch the sky scrappers for me!
You are a fruit over the most tallest branch which is far from my reach!

You won't be able to look into my eyes standing over the road,
I won't step forward and call you!

You won't be able to jump over the wall of fortune of yours,
And I won't be able to get rid of the insult that I have faced!

You won't come by wish,
And I won't be able to come because of my helplessness!

As I said above, Debi has hit it very hard with this writing. Each word is just burning and it would effect you depending which side of the coin you are holding,whether you are someone who got the tears in result of your love or you are the one who gave tears to some one in result of his/her love! Whatever it may be, I loved these lines and I am sure you would like it as well.


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