Friday, July 24, 2009

Pain Expressed In Few Lines....

At times, you are asked to tell about someone and when you start talking, some times, smiles come over your face and some times, tears fill up your eyes. There can be millions of reasons for both but most of the time people who listen, don't bother about both. These following lines explain the pain of that guy who is asked to talk about some thing and he starts talking about his beloved, doing which , his eyes gets filled with tears. Just a few who know the reason, understand the reason of those tears and keep quite but rest just applauds and leave. No one comes to you when you are crying, people are ready to share just your smiles , this is a sad but true fact and this applies to even those, whom you always thought would do share it! Have a read of these lines. These are in Punjabi. I shall explain their meaning in English in a while,

Mehfil laggi c yaaran di,
Ohna mainu v maan naal bulaya c!
Na janda tan v tan kiven,
Vasta tera jo paya c!

Jadon keha gaya kujh bolan layi,
Tan tera hi cheta aya c!
Fir jod jod k akhar main,
Is dil dal haal sunaya c!

Hanjhu teri yaad wale,
Na na karde v nikal gaye!
Kujh samajh gaye te khamosh rahe,
Te baaki wah-wah karde nikal gaye!

And here is the meaning of it in English,

It was a gathering of all of my friends,
They invited me as well to come there!
How could I refuse and would not had gone,
When they gave me swear of your name!

When asked to speak about something,
I just could recall you only!
Somehow, after joining some lines,
I tried to speak my heart out!

Tears of your memory, despite of my best efforts,
Did come out from these eyes on their own!
Few who did understand the reason of those tears, kept quite,
Rest left after just clapping!

Tears are the most unfaithful friend of ours. Friend, because they never leave us, neither in good nor in bad times. They are always there with us, making sure that we are never alone. Unfaithful, they never listen and come even when we tell them not to come! Isn't it?


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