Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Moment Of Truth, Recreated....

I just watched a new show being aired on the national television which is the replica of a very popular show  The Moment Of Truth. Not sure that I can say that I liked it or not? May be the anchor who is hosting it, is not that strong personality as he should be to host such kind of heavy and intense show. The concept is simple, one has to come and answer some questions which are already asked to the person and the answer of those are verified by the lie detector machine. If they give all right answers or even few right at certain levels, they would get a cash prize. They can quit the play any time and they would still get the cash. But if they would speak any lie and even a single one, they would lose and have to go back with nothing. Questions would start from simple , general things and would go to more intense and deep levels. It would require guts to answer some of the questions in public and on national tv and it may very well happen, some answers would break even families. Interesting concept, not sure that how well it would be received? But its just too early to predict the future of the show as this was just the first telecast of it. If you ask me, I didn't like it much and I guess , the reason for that is the anchor who is hosting it. I don't feel he is really doing justice to the position that he has been given. But still, its just my own opinion so only future would tell what is going to be the fate of this show?

Would I want to sit on the show, you must be thinking this right? Yes, I would sit if asked to do so. Would you?


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