Friday, July 03, 2009

2 Lessons Learnt….

If you come over here often, you must be aware about this fact that there hardly is any time when I don't meet with an accident or in other words, I always meet with some accident( pick whatever you like) :-) . But today what happened, in that there is no fault of anyone else but only I am responsible. And it did teach me two important lessons of the road too. What. you still didn't get it, I met with an accident , yes again :-) . And this time, its a "little bit" severe!

Before I talk about my condition, let me talk about the lessons that I won't probably forget ever. The very first lesson is, one must not get lost in the thoughts when he is in command of the driving. Be the thoughts of joy or pain, one must not think anything and should only look at the road ahead as if you are too busy thinking, you may not see what's coming ahead and by the time you actually come to know, it may be too late! I am so much upset over few people and some things from some time. While driving today, I don't know when and how I was thinking just so many things. It was my bad that I was too lost in my thoughts that I just didn't realize that I am driving fast and there is an sewerage cap which is not properly closed and is raised to a very high level. By the time, I realized that I am just right ahead of it, it was too late. I did try to put brakes but as I said , I was just too close. So what can happen when you hit almost a feet high solid iron cap struck firmly with a fast bike? I was flying in the air. It wouldn't be much bad if I had not done the second mistake which became the base of the 2nd lesson that I learnt today.

The second lesson that I guess, I won't forget is that when driving a two wheeler, one must wear the helmet over his head and should not carry it over his arm like I did today. Probably, it was just not my day and I did two repeated mistakes. I normally won't take off the helmet as long as I won't reach to the destination but today, I had to get the petrol. So I took off the helmet at the fuel station and since then, I didn't wear it back. And this was probably the biggest blunder that I did which did cost me a little too much when I touched the road after my short flight in the air.

So what happened? Well, not much except there are some stitches. Its been quite some time since the last when it did happen that I had got stitches. And this only did happen because of my stupidity. Other things are okay, I am not considering them as severe. Hope this has not effected me too badly, hmm what day it is BTW ;-) ?


Anonymous Karthik said...

Gosh! Are you alright? What the hell you were thinking? Have proper rest and get well soon.

July 04, 2009 10:14 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...


LOL, don't even ask man what I was thinking, its a story too long to get fit here( probably need many many more blog posts). Thanks for the wishes, I am travelling at the moment( ya ya I know I don't have to) so rest would be after that :-).


July 05, 2009 12:49 PM  

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