Friday, July 24, 2009

It Hurts….

Its not all the time that we go and share our pains, joys, happiness, success, failures with all. Its just very few people who actually are there in anyone's life who got access to those inner sides of the other person which remain unseen for the entire world always. Those few persons are always the most trusted and hand picked people who we always believe that they would stand beside us in all the times, all the conditions, doesn't matter what happens! We give  them all the rights, share with them our most inner pains, joys and sorrows. When you are crying, there is nothing else that you need except a shoulder on which you can rest your head and cry to your heart full. It may be there that for the rest of the world, you have to keep a smiling face for some reasons but you are alone, you do want to cry like a child. You do want to rest your head in someone's lap and sleep for some time, at least for some moments when you don't feel any pain, any sadness. And I am sure, you would be agreed if I say this, its not possible to be done with all who are around you. Its just someone very special with whom you can do this. Its just someone very special from the rest of this world whose touch feels like the magic wand which when touches you, takes away all the pains, all the tears from you. There is nothing that can match with the strength that few words from that person give to you when you are feeling most low. There is nothing else which can make you feel that you can win over battle, every problem more than a tight hug from that some one special.

But there are always two sides of coin. If all mentioned above can make you the happiest man on this planet, there is nothing else which can hurt you the most to see that whom you have thought to be with you, have got no time for you. There can be nothing more painful to see that even when you are sick, upset, it matters nothing for the person and he is just busy in his own work, without bothering that you are longing to hear just few words from him. It hurts so much to see that for whom you never cared whether its day or night, they are just so much "busy" for you. Even when they know that you are upset, angry, it means nothing for them. It hurts , it just hurts so much to see it, much more than one can even imagine. How much busy one can be? How much busy one actually is? Hearing that someone met with an injury and still not able to find time to ask how he/she is, can someone be that much busy? How can you sit quietly when you know that someone is angry, upset over you, and not just anyone but that person who never rested for a minute even, never sat for a moment relaxed when he found you upset and/or angry over him? It hurts so much to see that even you are so much upset, yet people don't bother and still do things which would just make you more upset. It hurts beyond limits to see that even when you say that you are upset, yet it doesn't matter, not for the world but for that person who is world for you. Not sure that how one can do this? Not sure that how can be so much busy to not to see that someone got stitches and he never was asked even how is he? It hurts to see to see people so much busy that they don't even remember whether they have replied back to you or not. It hurts, it really does!


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