Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Long Day With A Tiring Travel.....

Yes I was out for the entire day today. I had to get a personal travel related work to get finished , which couldn't be done without me being present in the office. I was supposed to go on this Monday for the same but as I am not feeling well,  I deferred it up till today. If you ever plan to visit any government office, at least here in my place, you must start as early as possible so that you can get the work finished. And also, if you are going to take help of someone for your work, make sure you don't believe on the person's capability just because he is been referred by some one known. And the fun part, I myself didn't follow both of the advices that I just gave. I thought to leave early in the morning but I slept very late last night( at about 5am, yeah 5am ) so I woke up only at about 8am. Not a good thing to do when you planned to leave actually at 7am. Why I didn't sleep? Well that's a different story altogether , thanks to some thoughts, some worries and some tensions, I was just sitting and sleep was miles away. Anyways, so I woke up at 8am and within next 45 minutes, I got ready and left. It takes about 2hours from my place to reach Chandigarh. I was also supposed to meet a person there who was going to do my paper work. As I started late so it was obvious that I would reach there late as well. I was worried that I would actually make that person wait for me but even that fellow was late. If it would be a normal day, he would had already made me upset( you can mess up your meet with me very easily by just doing one thing, be late from the actual meeting time, that's all) . But as I was late myself so I had no right to say anything to him. But he still made me upset very successfully when we actually started working. He had no clue what he was doing and how the heck it is supposed to be done as well. There was one another guy whom we came across just by chance and he only told this guy that whatever he is doing, is completely wrong. Well, I hate people who don't know what they are doing when they are supposed to know it in the first place and top of that, they are paid for that work too. I took over the charge and than did the rest of the work myself which did mean that I had to stand in the long queue even for about an hour to submit the papers. But finally, everything got over fine( I guess) and I was much relieved. This fellow asked me to call him for any further assistance and said that he was missing from this place for some time and in his absence , lots of rules have got changed and he would take care of all the other things now very nicely. Yeah right!

As I was in Chandigarh, I thought to meet a friend too whom I couldn't see from a very long time. He works in chandigarh only and he got married as well few months back. It doesn't happen very often that I visit to chandigarh so I thought, I won't leave without seeing him this time. So I called him and asked that where is he as if he is in the office than I would come and see him. He was indeed there in his office and asked me to come right away. It was just great to see him after such a long time. He is  a very nice and hard working guy. We did discuss all the things, about him, his wife, work and anything which could come to mind at that time. He knows almost everything about me. I was working in Chandigarh few years back and he knew that I used to sit long in my office, used to go home late in the nights after doing chat with someone, used to go and make calls. He asked me that do I remember sleeping without eating after going back to my room because there was no food left for me by the time I used to reach home and I said yes I do remember :-) . It did also happen once that after the talk over the web ,  I went back to my room and the gate was locked. I had to spend that entire over the bus stand. Very few people know about all these things as I never told these things to anyone. Well he did ask me one thing for which I didn't give him any answer, he asked me what's going on and I just gave a complete spin to his question. Anyways, let's leave this topic I guess. It was indeed just great to see him after so long. I wish I could spend more time with him but he was very busy and even I had to come back home after finishing some other tasks so I just left with a promise that next time, one of us is surely going to visit other person's home and I really want it to happen as soon as possible.

After that, I had to meet some people regarding a training requirement for me. I did go to 3 different places and to be honest, I just got more and more upset after visiting each one. I am not sure why the heck people don't take their job seriously? Or is it just me asking for too much that they are not able to give? I am not sure what it is but I got a negative answer from all the places.

I am very active over OTN Forums and from there, there is a guy who is there in Chandigarh. I was chatting with him the other day and mentioned that I may visit Chandigarh. He asked me that I must meet him when I would come there. As I was free from all of my work, I thought to meet him. It was for the first time that I was meeting him though we are talking over the forum, chat and over the phone from a long time. He was just too much happy and really showed a lot of respect. According to him, I know a lot about Oracle and he considers me one of those guys who have very good understanding of Oracle database software. Please note that its just his opinion and I actually know nothing about Oracle except just few bits from here and there ;-) . But still, I am always thankful to all the kind words and so is the same for his as well. It was lunch time so we had lunch together and did have a chat over his future plans about his career. I hope he does well in his career and what he has planned for him, would happen for him. It was just great to meet him today and I hope that I didn't say anything wrong/rude.

Finally, all the tasks/meetings were over and I headed back to home. By the time I started for home, it was already 4pm. So I got back home at about 6pm and was really tired. Though it was a long and tiring day but it did give some good moments to me to remember. Its time now to listen some music while waiting for sleep to come :-) .


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