Saturday, July 18, 2009

Few Awesome Lines....

I passed an exam today and I wanted to write about it so much. But before I could start it, my mood has been shattered, thanks to the "business" of the people. So would talk about that exam some other time. At the moment, I shall share few lines which my friend Amardeep sent to me and  which are just awesome! These depict the pain of that guy whose heart is wounded by his own love and he is trying to describe the pain in words somehow. I loved it in the very first read so thought would share. Its in Hindi and I shall explain the meaning in English in a while. Have a read,

Pathhron ko haal-e-dil sunane chale hain,
Ruthi hui kismat ko manane chale hain!

Nakaam hasrton ka janaza uthaye hue,
Hum unse wafa nibhane chale hain!

Wo bewafa the aur hum badnaseeb,
Ye baat jamane ko batane chale hain!

Sawan ki ghatao tum kal umadana,
Aaj to hum aansu bahane chale hain!

Jahan banaya tha humne kal aashiana,
Aaj usi shaakh ko jalane chale hain!

Meri shayari kisi ka dil na dukha de,
Isliye tanhaion ko apni ghazal sunane chale hain!

And here is their meaning in English,

I am going to tell my story to stones,
Giving a last try to make my luck favor me!

With carrying the coffin of my wasted emotions,
I am going to keep on loving her!

She was heartless and I was unfortunate,
Just going to tell this tale to this world!

Hey rain, please come some other time,
Because today my tears are going to take over!

The place where I made my shelter,
Going to burn that branch only today!

Hope my poetry won't hurt anyone,
So going to recite it to the loneliness!

Isn't that amazing?

Not sure that you would be able to see beyond the words or not but if you are able to see, I would love to hear about it.


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