Friday, July 24, 2009

Debi Nailed It Right On The Head....

Debi Makhsoospuri is one of the most respected names in the Punjabi music industry. An extremely talented writer, lyricist and now, a very successful singer as well, Debi has done it all. It is said that he has made many who's who of Punjabi music industry by giving them his songs to sing. One of the biggest traits of Debi is that when he writes, its always is in a very simple and easy to understand language yet its so powerful that it shakes you deep down up till your soul. He writes what you, me or any other common person feels and wants to say but can't seem to find words for it. Debi gives words to those common man's feelings through his words and each word in his poetry is like a burning fire.

Debi has released many albums so far and you can hear them all here on PZ10. Though all the albums and their songs are just awesome, yet Debi's most favorite work is in his live shows , in which he sings those poetries which are not a part of any album. He has released three live show albums so far and all has been accepted very well by people around the world. I am listening out of these live show albums, one at the moment and within that too, precisely one particular poetry again and again. As I found it so nice so thought that would share with you all. If you want to hear it live from Debi, its in the following video, the last poetry.

Here is the poetry in Punjabi.

Kahnu neeveyan nu rakhde ne chete,
Jo uchheyan de yaar ho gaye!
Hun sanu naion chajj nal bulande,
Oh jadon de star ho gaye!

Asin khade pahad bann jina pichee,
Ret di deewar dasde!
Oh yaari khoon nalon sanghni c,
Aj jo mamuli jankar dasde!
Aap pittal ton sona ban baithe,
Fullan to asin khar ho gaye!

Hun sanu naion chajj nal bulande,
Oh jadon de star ho gaye!

Wadde ban gaye,
Kiraye utte bolde ne bull jehe ghutt ghutt k!
Asin baithe kinj nigah paiye ohna de,
Lokin milan uthh uthh k!
Hun ohna nu salam kehan wale saade jehe hajar ho gaye!

Hun sanu naion chajj nal bulande,
Oh jadon de star ho gaye!

Saade naal beete waqt nu bura keh k,
Dil ton visar chhaddeya!
Yani yaadan wali diary chon sade naam wala sauda paad chhaddeya!
Bhaide uchhian hawawan vich udd de ne,
Saadi haddon bahar ho gaye!

Hun sanu naion chajj nal bulande,
Oh jadon de star ho gaye!

Ohna waste bane c jehde paudian,
Ohna nu utte chad bhull gaye!
Asin aap patt ho k asin jehdi layi,
Oh apni hi jad bhull gaye!
Makhsoospuri saade nal lada k ,
Aap ohde yaar ho gaye!

Hun sanu naion chajj nal bulande,
Oh jadon de star ho gaye!

And here is the meaning of it in English,

Why they would remember us low profiled people now,
When they have made friendships with rich and mighty ones!
Now they don't speak to us nicely,
Since that time that they have become famous!

For whom , I stood in support like a mountain,
They now call it was just a wall made of sand!
That love which was as thick as blood is,
They say it was nothing but ordinary!
They have become gold from copper,
And I have gone into ashes from being a rose!

Since they have become big,
They speak less and that too with attitude!
I am sitting on the floor in wait for them to even look at me,
And others are just going and meeting without any restrictions!
People like me who salute them are now in thousands!

They call time spent with me bad,
They have thrown out me from heart!
They are flying now in high skies,
And have become unreachable for me now!

Those who had become stairs for them,
They have forgotten those after climbing up on the top!
Those who have given everything for them,
They have forgotten those roots now!
"debi" after proving me bad,
Now others have become their friends!

I won't be explaining the meaning of it. Today, its not because that I want you to understand it yourself but because I am just so much upset. So I leave it over you to grasp the true meanings of this poetry and if you do get it, let me know as well. Enjoy the poetry and the video!


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