Sunday, July 05, 2009

A "Cool" Travel....

Well, yes indeed, it was a very cool travel. Normally I travel in the bus( which is no issue for me since I am doing it from so long) and by this time when I am writing this, I am still on the way. But because, I am having an early flight given this time and because of that, a train ticket( thanks to my accident) , I am actually at the moment on the airport itself, free from check in and other things, writing this blog post. The travel was indeed a lighter one as the train was an air conditioned one and after the train, in half an hour, I am on the airport. So I am not feeling tired at all despite the fact that I woke up at 4am to start the day.

Now there would be a wait for 2 long hours before I would get into the flight. I am not sure what I do with the people who look with strange eyes to someone who is having bandages wrapped around  :-). I am seeing couple of new shops open at the terminal. I wanted to get some thing for myself but I guess, I shall take it some other time :-) So what do one can do when he got no shopping to do and got 2 hours to wait? Well, the best is to sit over the web and write/read blog posts isn't it :-) ?


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