Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Lonely Weekend....

And its almost less than half an hour here in my place before it starts 13th of July, Monday, declaring the end of a weekend, a long and lonely weekend. I thought I would go to a temple but that plan backfired as the person with whom I was supposed to go, he thought that I am working on Saturday so he left me and went alone. I got a call from a friend that he would be coming to see me but later on, I got another call from him that he is busy somewhere else so he won't be able to make it this time. No issues with that as he was busy in some family matters of him. So that left me sitting in my room. I wanted to go to a shopping mall but I left that idea myself. Somehow, reading some books, listening a song (yes one song only because I liked it very much) , hanging around on the OTN forums, I spent this weekend. I have a seminar to deliver tomorrow and hopefully I shall be able to get back home after that time which is important as I came here in a rather uncomfortable health condition. Wish I can go on a break, on a vacation where when I am sitting in the flight, I don't have to carry a tech book with me. When I shall land up in my hotel room, I don't have to open book immediately and start reading for the next day. Its been a long, very long time since I had gone for anything like that. I know its not coming anytime soon but still, would be better if it could happen. Anyways. its time to listen the song for one last time before going to bed. Hope tomorrows seminar goes fine which is at the moment the biggest tension over my head.


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