Friday, July 10, 2009

Finished With Smiles....

Alright so I am done with the program and I must say, I am really satisfied the way it went. As I already mentioned, delegates were really nice, co-operative and intelligent. We had a very good time through out the week and surely, discussed a lot about many technical topics. Its always great to have the discussions in the session. This just proves that delegates are finding the session interesting and worth of their time which is very important as they spend a lot of their working time in the session, causing them lots of pending work which they have to finish afterwards. So its must that they find the session and discussions important and worth listening. So seeing this happening is always satisfying. And the last part is always important for me to see that while leaving, whether they have smiles on their faces or not which they indeed had. Moreover, the candidates wrote a lot of kind words about me in the final rating for which I can only say that I am really not worthy for any of those as I know very less but I am truly thankful to them for their kind words! Overall, it was a nice session and I am thankful to all who attended.

What's next now? Well, I was supposed to fly tonight to Banglore to do another session. A session which earlier was supposed to happen on coming Wednesday. Somehow, the program got rescheduled and it was now happening on Monday instead of Wednesday. I had to do another program here only for one day which could only happen after my Banglore program. Well, after two rescheduling's, finally the Banglore program is canceled now. Which means the one day program is supposed to happen now on Monday and this means I have next weekend to spend over here. This would be a rather boring thing to do. But I have got no other choice except to spend it. I wanted to go and do some shopping but I guess, it would be some other time. So the best would be sit and prepare for the next session. But at the moment, its time to watch something(anything ) over the tv to relax myself. I can take at least one day off from the tensions which otherwise are not leaving me :-) .

Hope you have a nice weekend.


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