Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Few Words, Once Again….

As I mentioned in this this post of mine that I am not feeling so well mentally. Though the accident's wounds are also giving a lot of pain but somehow, that seems to be negligible in front of some which are more deeper than on the body. I was asked a question from some one who commented over a post of mine. I believe the answer of his question is far too big to be covered as a fellow comment only. I shall try to write the reply of mine of that question very soon.

I am not at all a poet/never was and I doubt I ever will be one even but at times, I do sit and write some loosely coupled pieces which ,I am not sure can be actually called true poetry or not. Whatever they mean to others, they mean a lot to me. If you think that they no where stand near to what is quality poetry than you are absolutely right and no where you will find me claiming them to be one even! Its the same which is true for my posts even. They are not to change this world but are the reflections of my thoughts about certain things. Anyways, in case , you have not read before the "random words" I wrote , here they are.

Few Words

Once Again

Few Words, Again

Few Word, Yet Again

I am not sure now how much good they are( I am sure that they are quite bad in the terms of poetic standards though). I sat last night and while reading some old stuff which I have stored with me, I once again dared to write. Once again, I am not sure how it has come up. These are in Hindi, I shall translate them in English in a while. Have a read.

Ik khushi ki khwahish par milenge itne gum , socha na tha!
bewafai ki khabar to thi, par bedard bhi honge wo, socha na tha!

And here is the meaning in English,

Upon wishing just one smile, I would get so many cries, never imagined that!

I knew that her love is artificial but she would be so cruel, never imagined that!

Here is the 2nd one, first in Hindi,

Usi ne har mod par tanha kiya,
Jis ko hath thama kar humsafar banaya tha!
Usi ne kar diya neelam pyar mere sare-bazar!
Jis ko roshni dene k liye maine apna ghar tak jalaya tha!

And here is its meaning in English,

He only left me alone on every step,

Whom I chose to be my partner by letting him hold my hand!

He only auctioned and sold my love,

Whom to give light, I even burnt my own home!

I am not going to explain what they signify. I leave it over you to understand the meaning of both. If you understand what's love and the pains of it, you would be able to understand the meanings completely.


Blogger Bhumika said...

who actually hurted you this much.?? this bolg has a depth...

June 17, 2011 1:08 PM  

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