Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kindle, My Dream Gadget….

I am into reading a lot. Though most of the times, I am reading books related to Oracle technology only and even in that too, about database stuff. But besides Oracle too, I love to read novels, story books, comics, love stories,  biographies and just anything which I find interesting. I should be honest while saying all this that I haven't read much outside Oracle's domain from last few months. I do have couple of books lying in my almirah but I hardly carry them with me while traveling.

I had heard people talking about Kindle2 a lot but I never bothered to check what exactly it is. I knew though that its a e-book reader but that was all what I knew about it. And it can't be actually called knowing about a gadget when you don't know how it works, what it does, what are its specs right? So my geeky mind gave that me that tingle last night and I decided to finally have a look at this device more closely and I am just so glad that I did so. Kindle is a fantastic effort from Amazon, a true blend of simplicity matched with perfection of the most advanced technology. When looks gets combined with technology, amazing stuff comes up and that's what Kindle is. I am sure lots of readers from India would actually won't like to buy books from a website but I guess, this trend would change soon as we are becoming more habitual to the tech stuff, I am sure this mentality would change too.

I am not sure that it would take me how much time to actually get Kindle in my hands as I have to check about its availability in my place but I have just fallen in love with this device. It is said that love at first sight is normally deceptive but I am not bothered, let it be! I just want this device so much! If you are not sure that whether you should go ahead with the purchase of this device or not, I would recommend you to do two things. One is to check the details of the device from the link that I have posted above and get hooked to the killer looks of it and amazing technology that's running it. And after that, read this review from Ben about Kindle. I must say, my heart was shattered into pieces when I was reading it and I never knew when I had tears rolling down from eyes while reading it.

So this is the dream gadget of mine. I shall write a formal review when I shall get this gizmo in my hands so keep watching this space untill then.


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