Thursday, March 19, 2009

Australia, Thailand, India, Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled....

Its "the cancellation day" today! It doesn't happen very often but this time, all that happened with my tours is that they are canceled. Some are canceled by me and some got canceled on their own. I was supposed to leave tomorrow for a program within India, for which I got the news that its canceled now. There were two international programs, one was in Melbourne and another in Bangkok. I had volunteered myself for the Melbourne program in last year June and put a lot of efforts to get it too. But I opted out from it  in this January so for that also, I got the confirmation today only that its unassigned from me now. Why I opted out ? I don't like the weather of Melbourne that's why ;-) ! The same program was supposed to be done in Bangkok and it was also assigned to me with the Australia program. As I am not going to Melbourne, so automatically, this got canceled too. That's a lot of cancellations right :-) ? Good thing is that I shall get some time to stay at home. I am not feeling well so I hope my health would get recovered a bit in this time span.  The only issue is that I have to explain now to my friend Raman who is in Melbourne itself that why I am not coming because I had a LONG talk with him when I started working over it. Besides the fact that I was going to meet him after almost 3 years , he had asked me to bring lots of stuff from here for both, him and his wife and even I told him to do couple of  things for me over there.  Let's see how I shall answer all of his queries, will be tough to do , I know.


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