Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Stupid Spam....

It is said so many time that if you are doing some scam, do it perfectly otherwise don't attempt to do so at all. I just received an email from "my bank" that just being a customer of them is the best that ever happened to them and to honor me, they are giving me some "gifts" (read below what). Whosoever sent it, he/she/whoever doesn't know what an official email look like and in this current slowdown of global economy , distributing apartment , "lots of cash prizes" will bring the bank on the verge to get shutdown only. But that's what spam is I guess, if spammers really do think, they won't send the spam mail in the first place isn't it.

Here is the exact mail that I have received.  I have removed my bank's name from it for the obvious reasons. Have a read,

This is to notify you that XYZ Bank is Currently running a promotion for account holders.
As an active account holder of XYZ Bank, you have the chances of winning great prizes like;
1. Fully Furnished Apartment
2. A 2009 Toyota Camry
3. An all expense paid trip to Dubai
4. Lots of Cash Prizes to be won
a) You have to be an active account holder with XYZ Bank.
b) You have to maintain a Minimum Account Balance of at least 20,000 INR.
a) You are required to reply this email with a letter of application, requesting XYZ Bank to enter your account for the Draw.
b) Application letter must contain;
Account Name:
Account Number:
Account Branch:
a) XYZ Bank has the right to disqualify any applicant who did not meet up with requirements (e.g. minimum account balance of 20,000INR)
b) For more chances of winning, you can enter several accounts held in the bank respectively.
c) Draw date will be on the 18th of April, 2009
d) All applications are expected to be received on or before 11th of April, 2009.
This Email and any files transmitted may contain confidential and/or privileged information and is intended solely for XYZ Bank Customers. If you are not a Customer of the above mentioned bank, you will be required to open and operate an account as stipulated to participate, Else please disregard this Email. Do not redistribute this email message, delete it immediately and keep no copies of it. All opinions and/or views expressed in this email are solely those of the XYZ Bank.

Now, anyone one with the most tiniest brains even would know that if my bank had sent this mail, why on the earth , they would ask my account name, number and so on? And with a customer who has just 20k in his account, is it really worth to give away him a Toyota, apartment in a foreign land? Thank god they didn't mention that they have found a gal for my wedding.

This was what was sent to me. Now here comes the tech part. The mail was sent to me from some where in France and my bank has nothing to do with France. Also the reply destination of this mail is not my bank's domain but on some another domain. There are couple of things like that which I did find out and made me delete the mail next minute after I read it. The only thing which was bad is that it was actually a spam mail which means I am not going to get anything from above mentioned ;-).


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