Friday, March 20, 2009

And It Happened Again....

I thought that I shall blog about the new LCD screen that I did buy last night, an awesome  20 Inch , Samsung Mist 2033 , enough to take anyone's breath away but there was some thing else about to happen and becoming a post. I just mentioned in this post that accidents just love me so much! I am not sure that why it happens with me only that I meet with lots of accidents all of the time. And the irony is , most of  the time, its not my mistake. Believe it or not, this time too, it was completely not my fault.

My scooter is very old. and when I am saying old, I mean REALLY old! Its that old that those positions where the bolts of the tyre's are there, they even have become outdated and been ripped off  completely. Due to this, a lot of time, all of a sudden , the tyre's become loose and I need to go to someone to get them tightened. It has happened couple of times before so I didn't really care about it much, a bad thing to do on my part. Today, when I dropped my sis to work and was coming back, just before I could cross a fly over, I got the rear tyre of the scooter being loose and due to this, it just came out. That happened so suddenly that I never even got a chance to anticipate that even. So what happens when you are driving calmly and your bike's tyre is out of it? Yeah you fall down and if you were not paying attention, you fall down really hard. The same happened with me as well. Luckily, it was not the office time ( it was 10.30am when it happened) so there was not much rush over the road but still, it was enough to scare the heck out of me. I made myself get up and asked some people where to find a shop to fix my scooter. Fortunately, it wasn't much far. The only thing which did trouble me a bit was that I got a cut from don't know what over my lower leg and due to this, it was really painful to walk. Anyhow, some how I got my scooter fixed, while coming back home, I went to the hospital to get the dressing over the cut and an injection. After doing all this, now I am back home. Nothing much happened but I won't forget what that mechanic said to me when he looked at my scooter, how are you riding over this scooter! Yeah that's a secret buddy and I ain't going to tell you!


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