Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Small Break....

I couldn't, actually I should say, I didn't write anything since I came here. There were two reasons for it, one and the foremost important one, I am getting too much exhausted when I am finishing my session. In the last 2 days, I just got back and went to bed immediately because there was enormous pain in my legs and sheer tiredness was there. All I did was, got back, change and slept. I am not sure that why I am feeling so much of tiredness? I guess, the after effects of too much traveling( and too frequent too) are becoming visible now. I am not sure that there is any other reason or not for this much exhaustiveness.

There is nothing much going on. We started with the program with little technical issues related to the setup. I am not sure why people who are responsible to do the setup, don't take it seriously. Its almost every time that I have to come out and tell someone , hey I am getting interruptions, issues in the network and so on , please fix it. And as soon as I say this, an immediate 'fire-fighting' gets started, people start rushing to others, there are calls , seniors start coming and explaining things and so on. Things do get settle down but my question always remains the same, why all this when the show is actually live? Why not get everything settled down when you have time to do so? Anyways, even with those minor issues, we did start well ( I hope so). The audience is great ( as usual) , very attentive and alive. Its always a treat to have that kind of audience. I did learn a new thing from one delegate, Deepa , about which I shall be blogging soon over my oracle blog. We still have go 2 more days to go so I am hoping that there won't be any further issues and things would go fine.

As I just mentioned above, I am getting( or feeling) too much tired so I didn't go out at all. I usually don't go too when I have a session going on. But I thought before I was coming here that I shall visit some people. Unfortunately, I couldn't do so. Still, there is one friend of mine whom I try to see whenever I am here and keeping that tradition alive, I did call him yesterday. Rakesh, my friend, and me decided to have a meet today. Thanks to my sleepless nights, I was sleeping for almost the whole day today even. So I called Rakesh in the evening and we decided to meet. Its always great to see him, a very lively and friendly guy. He is going to get married in the end of this year with his beloved. I don't drink so pubs and all are the places where I don't go (obviously). But Rakesh always makes me visit a different bar/pub which is surely among the best in the city. The only thing is that  he never gets company from me as I settle down on a coke and as I don't eat non-veg even, so he has to settle on some French fries, cheese or something like that with me :-). But he never complains about it and we never know when time passes. He was asking me when I am going to get married and do I have someone whom I want to get settled down with? When I say no as an answer for both the questions, his reaction is always, how it is possible man LOL? And I have to always tell him that I am more happy with Oracle ;-). This time too the same talk started and got finished with the same note. But I am so much happy for both of them. He is working so hard to get everything done for his marriage in the best way. And as I know, how much he and his gal put efforts for their marriage, it just makes me feel proud to see that still there are people who value their relations more than their career, study in abroad and other gains like this. I just hope that all goes well for both them. After about 2 hours , in the pub , we went to have some juice. Yeah, juice, it sounds weird but Rakesh was feeling hungry so the eating joint where we went, was having  juice. So he said that we will have some snack and juice with it. Not a usual combo , if you ask me but hey, who cares about combos anyway , right? So we had watermelon juice with 'pao-bhaji' and got back. As like always, it was just great to meet with him.

As I am writing this, I am feeling again so much of tiredness and sleep in the eyes. There are still two more days to go and after that, with a break of one day, I have another session to go for. I am a bit worried actually because I need some time to spend on some preparation. I am not getting that time. I have to work a lot harder from tomorrow onwards to keep everything under control. Let's see what happens? Its time now to switch off the lights and eyes too. Tomorrow , there is session so I guess it would be better if I shall catch some sleep. There is another session coming up and I am sure, that's going to be much harder. Let's see what happens, signing off for the moment!


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