Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Evening Spent In Shopping With A Newly Made Friend....

The biggest issue with the kind of work that I do is that almost all of the time, I need to stay alone without anyone to talk to! And this is one thing which at times does pinch a lot. I hate this thing that I have to eat my meals alone, sitting on a table looking at the walls or the stupid tv. But I can't help this fact most of the time that in my job, its nearly impossible that I shall get any company. So whenever I get a chance to talk to someone, I try not to miss it. And I guess, I am lucky enough that wherever I go, almost do think that I am worthy enough to be having a word with. So be it the manager/owner of my hotels/guest houses and even the staff too, all do talk with me. Some times, luck does smile at me and I get a chance to talk to some one who is working in the same profile of mine and I get a chance to share a word with him. It did happen the other day when I met a guy from Pune while having my dinner. We did have a lot of talk over the dinner table. It was good but as he was leaving yesterday so I didn't have anyone again to sit once again. God bless my friend Rakesh, who did come yesterday night and we did have a great time together moving around.

Today, when I gave lunch break to my audience, I saw my friend and colleague Guru in the same office. It was a pleasant surprise to him. So after the initial greetings, when we were talking, there was another guy who came at the same place where we were standing. His name was A. Singh(name is shortened to secure privacy) and I did hear about him before. Guru got us introduced formally and we all three had a small chat for about 10 minutes. As we had to get back to our sessions, so with the promise to see each other in the evening, we dispersed. In the evening, after the sessions were over, Guru told us that he would drop us back to our guest house. So when we came back, we sat for a cup of tea(which after some time got changed to coffee thanks to me for this mess) and discussed almost about every topic, ranging from politics to make your own homemade projector. When Guru left, A. Singh asked me that whether I would like to have a small walk before dinner. I was not going to have dinner today so I said that yeah sure, I have lots of time with me, let's go ahead. We met after ten minutes and came out. After doing some waste walk for some time,  I told him that I want to buy a watch for my sis. So we went towards our office building, on the second floor of which there was a watch showroom. After eating the sales guy's head for 30plus some minutes, I decided to buy one. When we were coming back, A. Singh told me that he wants to get some t-shirts for him. We spotted a nice showroom of it and went inside. After seeing and rejecting almost 20 t-shirts, he finally selected two. He urged a lot that I should get some thing for me as well, but its been a LONG time since the last I bought some thing for me, so keeping the tradition alive, I said no.

When we got back after having juice( for which I made him walk so much), we sat for some time. In that time, he told me about himself, his family and some issues that he is facing about his married life. I won't be mentioning those details here as they mean so much to him but I shall say this for sure that after listening to his story, I am reassured about one thing again, some people don't really give or understand the importance of this that some one loves them more than his life and anything in this world. They never care of this gesture of that other guy, forget about understanding the importance of it and of that person. All they care about is just about themselves, their career, their own selfish gains, nothing else and nothing more is important for some, except for their own profits. I am not sure how the heck people can do that to someone? Or I guess, the fault is not in those people but in those who believe that they won't do anything like this to them and have care and respect for their love, only realizing this sad fact after getting wounds over the soul. I just hope that all the problems of A.Singh must go away , given the fact how nice he is? I really hope that god must not punish him anymore because of other's sins.

So it was a great time spent today. I am very happy over the watch that I have bought for my sis. Now the only wish is that she should like and wear it. I did want to buy some stuff for me, but I guess, I don't deserve the right now to ask for some thing. Anyways, its quite late now and as I walked for so long today , I am feeling so much sleepy now. So if my plain lands safely than see you soon ;-). If you find some mistakes in the post, just assume that I was really so much sleepy while writing so its coz of that :-) .


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