Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Accidents Just Love Me….

I meet with accidents all the time. And whether you believe or not, most of the times, its not my fault most of the time, just like today. I am not sure that why it does happen with me only? I am sure it must be happening to others as well, but I guess, accidents love me a little too much, hmm now that's not so good right?

Okay so here I was, driving very nicely and it must be worth mentioning, very slowly. I learnt this lesson in a very hard way that one must not drive fast. I was once coming back to home late night after making a call to someone and I was driving REALLY fast! I normally have a good control but on that day, my bike got into a small hole over the road and there I was, flying nicely in the air. I haven't told about this to anyone yet but it did teach me a lesson that drive slowly, at least it will ensure that you will reach to your destination rather than never! Anyways, so I was driving on a normal speed. I had to pay my hand phone bill and the customer care office was on the side of the road so I had to take a turn and go to the other side. Before attempting to cross it, I ensured that all the vehicles who were approaching me were quite far from me. I didn't anticipate that some people tend to believe that  they are driving Street Hawk. And that's where I missed it. One guy just came straight and gave a direct hit over the rear portion of my scooter. It was a BANG moment , after which both me and he and our bikes were lying flat over the road :-). I don't get upset easily but I was just so pist off at him. He got up and started saying that hey you were driving slowly and all that. To that, I was like so you wanted me to drive like you is it? Anyways, I made him and his bike stand up and asked him to leave. You must have a look at my scooter that how badly its "hurt". Yeah, I too got  " a little" hurt. But I had to pay my bill so I just went to the customer care office, paid and came back home. I yet have to get my scooter sorted which I shall do some time tomorrow. One more date added to the list of "accident days".


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