Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back Home….

Its always good to come back home and I guess, this is becoming more and more a happening thing for me. I am not sure why so but yes, I am longing more than before to come back home after any session. Does this mean that I am no longer willing to travel away from home, well, yes I guess so. I believe when you start asking about some thing that is it the right thing or not to do that means the finale of that thing has come already and I believe, this is now happening with me for the kind of work that I do.

The session went well, that's the most important thing for me. Entire audience was smiling when they left so I am hopeful that I said some thing which was worth of their time that they spent with me. As like always, the audience was great! In every session, its always that some one catches your attention, be it for a good reason or bad, but its bound to happen. Fortunately, for me, most of the time its for good things that someone catches my attention. The same held true this time too when there a guy, after the session was over, on the last day, asked me that how much good I think he is and whether the decision of his to be a DBA is a right one or not? I generally avoid to be a mentor as to be one, you need to be perfect( or nearly perfect) than only you can guide someone else. So I generally prefer not to say some thing in this regard. But , I believe, I did say a lot to motivate him. I did tell him what I was when I was starting, how much good/bad I was/am with this tech thing called Oracle and I tried to assure him ( and all who were present at that time) that if a person like me can do it than anyone can should be able to do so. A person like me, who doesn't know even O of Oracle, if he can speak a word or two about it, I guess , rest all are much better than me and I tried to convey this message to him. I hope he will do great things in his newly chosen career track of DBA and once he does that, I shall be able to say that I was a little good to help some one be what he wanted to be. My best wishes for that guy and to all those who were there in the session!

As I have mentioned in my last posts, I did meet one old friend of mine and made one new friend. I am not sure why but some how all are just willing now to push me for just one thing, marriage! Not sure why people are not happy seeing my happy ;-) ? One friend of my mine mentioned that I am not going to get any gal after 3 years from now who would be ready to get married with me. Hmm interesting, I guess that would be more better because than I would be able to say that its girl's bad luck LOL. Jokes apart, for those who are thinking that I should get married and for this,I should try finding a gal, well let me just clear the dust saying this that I don't see it happening, not in near or even in any distant future. I guess, Oracle and linux are the best buddies to be with for me, at least, they wouldn't come and say to me after spending some time with me that they have nothing to do with me, even after giving everything to them! This world is of people for whom just their own  benefits, dreams, careers, study in abroad and all sorts of things like this mean much more than anything and anyone else. Not relationships, not those stupids mean anything for the people of this world  who give away everything whatever big/small they ever had,  just to see their loved ones happy and smiling but to get blames, tears, abuses, cries and yes, how can I miss it, threats,  in the return. At least , Oracle & linux don't do this to the people. So all of you who are desperate to dance in my wedding, take a chill pill, its a day dream which won't see the sun shine ever!

While coming back, there is nothing that was unusual. I did finish my session a little too early( 3pm instead of 5.30pm) and came back to the hotel. After taking a little rest, I was in the cab , on my way to the airport. It takes about 1 hour  to get there so the drive was really long. I did have much cash with me so even though I was so hungry, I couldn't buy anything for me. If I would had bought, I would be almost empty when I would had landed at Delhi and would have no money to pay for my cab and bus ticket. So I just bought 2 packets of Real's guava juice, drank it and was sitting quietly. Fortunately, flight was on time and unfortunately, the aircraft and the staff, both were really bad. I am not sure how the heck some people get selected for the service industry when they don't even know the first word about it. Besides the fact that I never can learn how to sleep in a flight, the seats were horribly uncomfortable. So with a really uncomfortable flight, I was back at Delhi and was on my way to the bus stand.

I always buy something to eat and drink when I buy the ticket for the bus. Its always that there is about 3/4 minute of time before the bus leaves and that much time is enough for me to get a packet of chips and a water bottle. I thought the same this time too and after putting my luggage in the bus, I left to buy a chips and water bottle. When I got back, what I see is that my bus not there! WTH! I just ran towards the main gate from where all the buses depart and fortunately, mine was standing there. I just got into, grabbed my seat and had a sigh of relief. This was the first time ( and hope last too) that I came this close to lose my luggage. The bus got the finest seating arrangement that I could ask for, even better than the flight which I just got disemarbakated from. But as it was so late, so now there was no sleep in the eyes. I spent the whole night looking at the front mirror of the bus and through that, lonely national highway. Finally, in the morning, I was there at home.

I am just so much tired and sleepy but still , I am not able to cloe my eyes and sleep. I am not sure why. I have got tons of work to finish and I have very less time to do it. But I guess, I won't be doing anything today and will just complete time wastage. Now all I have to find is what to do with which I can waste the time? Hope I shall find more than one way to do so!


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