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Love, Some Folds Unfolded Part VI….

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Some times, you read some thing which just depicts that which you are thinking and when that happens, you never forget that piece of writing. This is a story which you all may have read some time or the other in those forwarded mails. I am putting it here thinking about some things. Every time I read it, it shakes me so deep down under and brings tears in my eyes. Have a read,

While a man was polishing his new car,his 4 yr. old son picked stone & scratched lines on the side of car. In anger,the man took the child's hand & hit it many times, not realizing he was using a wrench. At the hospital, the child lost his fingers due to multiple fractures. When the child saw his father, with painful eyes he asked ''Dad when will my fingers grow back?"  Man was so hurt & speechless. He went back to car & kicked it many times,
devastated by his own actions. At the same time, when he was sitting in front of the car,  he looked at the scratches over the car, his son had written, 'Love U Dad'.
Next day, that  man committed suicide!

Any thing in this world is achievable, sooner or later, one can have it if he really wants it. Be it career, be it money, fame, study in abroad , anything, if you are really serious about it, you will get it because success is never far from those who put sincere efforts to get it. But on what cost you are going to get all this? If you are just "throwing away" those who loved you from the bottom of their hearts, never gave a second thought for doing anything for you, saw their smiles in your smallest happy moments, the success, the name, fame, that study in abroad, does it all really worth giving it? I really don't and I believe, I shall never be able to understand this how can people become so selfish, how do they become so blind to achieve that which they can get any time in their whole life but still to get all this, they just dump those only like dead flies, who might have been the happiest persons in the world to see their success, who would had prayed for their success whenever they had wished for anything, who gave up whatever could be so important for them, just for a promise that they made! That career, that study in abroad for which some become so selfish and blind that they don't even mind to give tears in those eyes who would get open seeing their beloved's face only every morning. Its not easy to get chances in this world, some say this, but there are some who would give away any chance that may be the best chance for them to fulfill a promise, just with a belief that for whom they are doing all this, he/she would at least appreciate it, but sadly what they get to hear from that person only that it was an act of embarrassment. It takes nothing to not do anything for someone but it takes a lot even to pick a rose from the garden, thorns are always beside that rose. It takes nothing to give tears to some one, give him cries, pains , a slow death for the entire life. It takes no effort to say for someone's tears that you have no time to look at them, you have nothing to do with those tears and with that person but it takes a lot  and I mean it, A LOT to do even the smallest thing in this world which can bring smile on your beloved's face, even for a moment it may be, but its worth the effort. Its not easy to have tears in your eyes yet to carry a fake smile all the time. When this world's killing eyes laugh at you, make a joke of what ever you did for your love, it wounds not just the heart , doesn't just break it only but it also makes the soul bleed too! All this happens for just and one just one reason, that person, for whom you did every thing, climbed that mountain of toughness, traveled far across oceans, he/she only never understood it, when for whom you are shedding your blood, she only treats it worse than water even, there is no point to ask anyone else to understand it. Yes, it hurts, it hurts beyond words can express and beyond tears can tell. All you do is just think and ask yourself  sitting in a corner of your room with tears in the eyes and silent cries that what was it which you missed to give, what was it which you failed to do that whom you treated as your life, thought that she/she is everything what you could ever ask for, ever prayed and wished for, some one who is everything , for that only , you were never anything, never meant more than a toy with whom one just plays but doesn't love and when gets bore, breaks it without even giving a second look to those million of pieces from which each just asks one question, what was my mistake that I got this punishment, answer to which is not given by anyone anywhere!

Some one asked me over a post of mine that doesn't matter how much love you give to someone, its always incomplete. Its not true. Its true that it takes  a lot to love some one but its equally true that its takes the similar amount of efforts to care, understand and give importance to that love. Most of the people in this world are just takers, they just want things for them, be it being loved, cared , pampered, success, smiles , anything! Its always easy to ask for , its just so much tough to give away. When we have some one who is doing things for us, we just take it for granted and give it the least importance. Its not easy to skip your food because your love didn't have it, its not easy to stay awake because your beloved is not able to sleep. Its not easy to get up at 3am in the morning to wake your beloved up and do it for so long. Its not easy that to give your life in some one's hands and believe that she would take care of it. It takes a lot to have a belief that your love would take care of those who mean more than anything to you. But it hurts so much when you see that person doesn't even picks your call when you are in tears because someone so close to you is so sick and you are not sure what would happen the next moment! Yes it does hurt so so much to see that you are left alone right in the middle of the road. And this all happens because people don't care about others but about themselves alone. For some, there is no thing which matters the most than their own benefits. Its just so easy to whine about things which some one has done for you, it not that easy to do some thing for that person. So its not your love that is inadequate but its the other person who is incompetent to understand it.

These are the lines which depict the emotions of someone who lost everything thanks to his love. Some think that that who doesn't cry, have no pains but its not always true. There may be millions of pain behind a smiling face and these lines depict that only.  Its in Punjabi and I shall explain the meaning in English in a while, have a read
Saade Haase Te Gila Ne Yaar Karde,
Kehnde Tere Dil Ch Dise Na Dukh Koi.
Kehnde Oh Ki Jaane Paak Mahobbat Nu,
Jisdi Akh Na Kade Kise Layi Roi.
Fir Asi Keha Eh Ishke Diyan Chottan Buriyan Ne,
Eh Ishq Aap Sikhaduga.
Je Aitbar Nahi Ta Kade Mera Dil V,
Apne Zakhm Vikhaduga.
Haar Ke Is Pyaar Vich Asi,
Hasse Piche Gum Chuppai Baithe Haan.
Ik Hanju Da Tu Kare Gila,
Kise Di Judai Vich Ro-Ro Asi Sattan Janmaan De Hanju Mukai Baithe Haan

And its meaning in English is,
Over my smiles, my friends make fun of me!
They say, it seems that you have no pain in your heart!
They say, how that would understand the deepness of love,
Whose eyes never shed even a single tear for someone!
Than I said, pains of this love are so much intense,
This love will teach you by itself!
If you don't trust me,
One day, I shall open this heart and will show you wounds over it!
I am the one who after getting lost in this love,
Is hiding his pains behind this smiles!
You are questioning about one tear that I haven't shed,
But you don't know, due to someone, all the tears of my eyes have become dry now!

I shall conclude by saying this only that love is not to mention "I love you" in a day 1000 times, its not giving some one load full of roses, bucket full of gifts on Valentine's day.  Love is to get your head slayed for your love in the middle of the road , yet to feel no pain and have smile over the face. Love is to give up everything and anything that you love the most, for your own love and never regret doing it, love is to have a belief that with your love, nothing is impossible and there is nothing in this world which is far from your reach. Its to give away everything and yet feel complete, cry for your love's pains and smile over her small moments of happiness. Love is to love your love more than yourself even, more than anything that you ever had and anything that you can ever have. Love is to feel that your the luckiest and the richest person in this world to have someone as your soulmate. That's what love is all about, that's what love really is! In the story which I mentioned above, that person loved his car more than the fingers of his little son, someone who might would have got him hundred cars when he would had grown up. But he cared more for the color of the car, worried more about the scratches over it than about his little son and his feelings, just like some who care more about their own benefits, gains, career, study in abroad much more than their loved ones. Someone said this to me and its worth mentioning here, we must never forget that things are to be used and people are to be loved. But  sadly, the problem in today's world is that, people are used and things are loved! How so true it is, isn't it ?


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