Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tiring Day, Tired Me....

Its not normally that I feel tired after session. But I am not sure , today I am feeling just like "dead". Yeah yeah, I know you must be thinking than what I am doing at this time ? Well writing this post ;-) . Actually my friend Neeraj had assigned me some work which I needed to check and start today, actually had to finish it by today too but its okay. So I was working on it. Except this strange tiredness , day was okay. Guys are extremely good but still are very  friendly! I love that session where lots of discussions happen and this is one of those only! So in that way, its going great. We just had to stop today when I faced an issue while giving a demo. I hope tomorrow , that issue would be resolved and I should be able to show the demo as promised. Let's see what happens?


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