Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(Tired) Travel Update....

At times, you do feel really so much tired and that’s the same is the case with me. I guess, I am getting weaker or these travels are making me more exhausted (and thus weaker) day by day. Well, whatever it may be, the end result is that I am dead tired at the moment and that’s the main reason that I didn’t write anything since I got here. I did want to sit on Sunday and wanted to write about the bits of my travel but I just couldn’t gather myself to do so.

About the travel, there wasn’t anything unusual at the time of the start. I did catch my bus and as like of the times, this was a Punjab Roadways. My dad came to drop me there and I am not sure, but I was feeling so sad while leaving. I don’t feel like that very often because the travel is an integral part of what I do so there is nothing to be sad about it. But still, I did get sad this time and I just wanted to get off from the bus and wanted to go back home with my dad. But this was not going to happen so I just had to sit there. The bus was from Punjab Roadways but this was a Patiala depot bus, another division of Punjab Roadways you can say! Normally the PR buses are slow and take a long time to reach anywhere. But this was bus was an exception. The driver drove the bus like a rocket! No its really true. He just drove like he was driving a Ferrari or an F1 racing car. It takes normally about 7 hours to get to Delhi from my place and guess how much time it took me to get there this time, just 5 hours! Believe me , at times , he did scare all of us with the way he was driving. It appeared to me that he was not even scared of speed tickets which one gets immediately in Delhi for going over speed. He was driving on the same speed in the city also with which he drove on the highway too. Though I was bit uneasy about this much high speed but still I landed up in Delhi much earlier than I thought , leaving with me plenty of time to get to the airport so I was a relieved. I didn’t have anything so at least, now I could go to the airport and after all those check in formalities , I could sit and eat something! Why oh why I just make up pre-plans !

I have been traveling from a long time now and when you are doing some thing from a long time, its inevitable that your not known or seen by some people who hang out on the same place where you are moving around. I take an auto from the bus stand to the airport and the same is true since a long time. The condition is this now that some auto drivers do recognize my face now. Okay that can’t be called a fan following but still, its good that you are known to some locals as it always helps. So the same happened this time too when I met with a driver who do know that I come to airport quite a lot. So he without even me mentioning anything took me to the airport and on the same price which I normally pay. When I got to the airport, I came to know that the flight of which I had the booking in my hands, this got over-booked! WTH! How the heck a flight can be over booked, a flight! Well, the lady asked me that would I like to travel by another partner carrier of them who is flying one hour early too! I thought and said yes to it because this would had made me reach on a very reasonable timings to my guest house which I normally don’t get. So after some initial ooh-aah-ouch, the second carrier’s gal accepted my ticket and gave me the boarding pass. I do have a frequent flier card , though I don’t use it much but still I have one. I gave my card to the gal to add it and she was like , you never used it. Okay now may be I don’t use it very oftenly but that doesn’t mean that I NEVER used it. So I asked her to check again and she said, as your name on the card is Aman Sharma and on the ticket is Sharma Aman, computer is not accepting your card. What, give me a break , that’s the most stupid logic I have ever heard. That’s how the tickets are booked isn’t it, with family name first and than first name. Who coded that stupid piece of software I don’t know but I did ask my card back and just asked the lady to give me a seat. There wasn’t anything more unusual which did happen in the flight and I got at my guest house at about 8.30pm, just about the time of dinner, perfect timing which I never actually got before!

The program for which I am here, also did have issues in the starting. The first and the most important one was that there was a huge miscommunication that happened between my team and the client and this resulted into completely no setup with us, even on Monday morning. After having long calls with my team and a small meeting with the client, we are now shifted in a different location. I hope this wouldn’t effect much to the program. The guys are nice. I got a chance to have lunch with two of them and it went off really nice. Thanks a bunch guys for the nice lunch . We got the session over today due to some urgent meeting which audience had to attend. That’s what gave me a little “extra” time to make myself relaxed. As I said in the starting only, I am just feeling so much tired. May be a cup of coffee would help, let’s see!


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