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Simply Awesome, Jee Nai Lagda....

There are some singers in Punjabi music which are having a distinct place, both for their voice and persona! And its a rare combo that one can have! Harbhajan Mann is among those few ones who have been gifted by both the assets.  There are very few singers who really take care about lyrics, music and after that, the video of the song. Some choose very lousy kind of stuff , just to make some quick bucks. But there are still some who are really preserving both of the real punjabi music and culture and Harbhajan Mann is one of those rarest ones! His music is always soothing and having an essence of the real Punjab in it. He has always come up with music which can be heard both by young people like me as well as elderly people! From past time, he is also doing lots of Punjabi movies and has been extremely successful in it as well. In fact, his first movie, Jee Aayan Nu which came 7 years back, broke all the records and changed the entire face of punjabi movies! Since then he has been in quite a number of movies acting as lead and all of them have come up really well!

This time, Harbhajan Mann is coming with his latest movie, Jag Jeodeyan De Mele which is going to hit the movie halls very soon! Once again, expectations from the movie are very high and I am very positive that its going to be again one more hit from HM! As like all the previous albums and movies of Harbhajan Mann, this movie's music has also come up good! All the songs have been very nice but for me, one song stood apart and can be supposedly called the best among all the rest, Jee Nai Lagda( Feeling Restless). This has been one of the songs, which can bring tears in your eyes if you would understand the real meaning of the lyrics besides the translation or the outer words. This is sung to portray the emotions of that guy whose beloved has left him and he is just wandering with a gloomy heart filled with pain. I haven't come across any song of Harbhajan Mann before where he has depicted pain so nicely. If you have been hurt in love, got the punishment to be separated from your beloved, I am sure that you  would be able to relate to this song and to the pain underneath its lyrics.

There is no official video(yet) of this song. Probably , its because that the official movie has yet to be launched. So I am just posting a random video of it from You Tube. If afterwards, an official video of it will be launched , I shall try to post it as well. Besides that , here is the link to the complete album in audio format. You can listen to this song plus rest from here. The song's lyrics are in Pujabi and I shall translate it in English in a while. Here is the video of the song,

And here are the lyrics of it, first in Punjabi,

Ik g bajon nai g ji lagda,Sab sanjhan jiunde g dian!
Mar mukkeyan da koi ki lagda!

Dil tadpe rooh kurlaye,
Kalleyan da mera jee nai lagda!
Kite yaar najar na aaye!
Kalleyan da mera jee nai lagda!

Ro ro k athhru mukk gaye ne,
Kujh akhian andar sukk gaye ne!
Sahan de hauke ban gaye ne,
Haukian chon nikaldi haye!
Kalleyan da mera jee nai lagda!
Kalleyan da mera jee nai lagda!

Jindagi vich aayian do ghadian,
Kithe eh ghadian kithe oh ghadian!
Jo sajna nal gujaare main,
koi oh din mod lai aaye!
Kalleyan da mera jee nai lagda!
Kalleyan da mera jee nai lagda!

Man dukhia , dil dilgeer rave,
Mere dhur andar tak cheer pave!
Main ki san, ki ton ki ban gaya,
Rabb kehe waqt vikhaye!
Kalleyan da mera jee nai lagda!
Kalleyan da mera jee nai lagda!

Kite yaar najar na aaye,
Kalleyan da mera jee nai lagda!
Kalleyan da mera jee nai lagda!

And here is the meaning of it in English,

There is no happiness if that one person is not there,
All the relations are when one is alive!
No one relates to those who are dead!


My heart is bearing the torture and the soul is crying,
I am feeling restless alone!
I am unable to see my love anywhere,

I am feeling restless alone!


Tears are not left in these eyes anymore now,
And some of them have dried within eyes itself!

My breaths have turned into hiccups ,
Hiccups are crying now too!

I am feeling restless alone!


There have been two moments in this life,
What kind of moments were those,
And what kind of moments are these!
Those moments, when I was with my love,
Some one, please bring back those days for me!

I am feeling restless alone!

Heart mourns and stays melancholic all the time,
I am wounded so deep down inside of me!
What I was,
And I have become what from what!
Oh god, what kind of times you are showing to me!
I am feeling restless alone!

I am unable to see my love anywhere,

I am feeling restless alone!

These following lines are penned by Debi Makhsoospuri , a poet who writes fire! These are depicting the pain of that lover who has been left by his beloved. These are in Punjabi and I shall be translating them in English in a while.  Have a read,

Naam  saada v hun ohna de vich likh lo,

Jehde mittran hathon tabah hoye!

Peengh jhhutde rahe asin laareyan di,

Sajjan gairan de naal viah ho gaye!

O pata leya na agg laun waleyan ne,

Ki haale dhukkde ne ke suah ho gaye!

Debi chandriya tainu na khabar hoyi,

Teri raahan ch baithe asin rah ho gaye!


And here is the meaning in English,

Add my name too in the category of those,

Who got destroyed by their own friends only!

I was swinging sitting on the swing tied with rope of false promises,

And the beloved have left me to go with some one else!

Those who put me on fire, didn't check this one that,

That I am turned into ashes completely or is still burning!

"Debi" stupid, you didn't even bother,

I am lost sitting on the paths waiting for you!

I shall conclude by saying this that there is no feeling in this love which is more better, beautiful and nice as love is! Yet, there is no pain in this world which is as painful as the pains given by love too. When some one falls in love, its based on a faith and trust that he is letting himself go in the hands of someone who will never hurt him and will be beside even when there won't be anyone else in this world is ready to do so. Someone truly said that loving someone is giving them all the ways to destroy you yet completely trusting that they will never do so! There is nothing more satisfying than having this feeling while going to sleep that there is someone out there in this world for whom, you are the most important person and there is someone who is closest, dearest to you even more than yourself! Yet, people hurt their love. When some one falls in love, he never thinks that some day, that moment will come to when he is going to hear, "I have nothing to do with you, I am done with you". It breaks the heart into millions of pieces when whom you had loved so much , she only makes you hear that if you would try to talk to her again, you would have to face consequences. And you get this punishment of one mistake that you loved some one even more than yourself! Love is the name of giving without expecting anything back. But is it wrong to expect even a little love too in return? Is it right to get all the time just pains, tears as the return gift and that too not by someone else but from that person for whom you have always given up your own smiles even! Its just amazing that how some one gets a heart to say that I have chosen my own, separate way and I can't go on with you anymore. Its just so easy for some to pick what suits them the most and go on their way, never even bothering about that the destruction that have done to some one's life. Yes its true that one gets just a single life and its no crime either to aim and work for the best in it. Its not at all wrong to work hard for a better, rich and prosperous life. But if some one chooses her career, study in abroad to be more important compared to someone who loves her so much, is it right to do so? Is it right to leave your love just because staying with him will create problems in getting some of the above mentioned things, career, study in abroad? Not sure that it is or isn't as there is also a saying, only fools fall in love. May be its just true. Or may be those who say that, they don't even know what it is being in love and neither do they understand who hurt their love just for some things which one can get at any moment! Its so easy to give pains , its so easy to give tears to the eyes of someone else. But its not that easy to live with that pain. Its not easy to make a smiling face for this world and show all the time that you are fine. It hurts like hell when you see look back at those things which you did for your beloved and for her tiny wishes. It brings nothing but tears to see that those places which you loved and liked the most in this world because that some one special is from there, now those places and their names, they just haunt you! Its not easy at all to bear those penetrating eyes who hurt even the soul. Those who do all this to their loved ones , can never understand what it feels to be all alone in the room and cry hiding your head in your knees. They can never imagine what happens when suddenly one wakes up from the sleep seeing a dream where he is hearing his love saying that being with him is the most biggest embarrassment! Words can't even come near to explain what goes inside when you hear this from that very person for whom you left everyone, to some extent, even yourself too. Yes, the biggest pains are indeed caused by the most precious gift that one can get, love! Only that can understand how it is to live yet die every day, thanks to the slow poison given by none other than his own love! I shall say this only that if you have some one who loves you so much, don't let him go, don't ever, not even in dreams, hurt him. Probably , he will not even say to you how much he is hurt, but trust me, by breaking a loving heart, you would be giving someone wounds for the life time which may not be even healed by time. Its just so easy to be in love and to say someone , I love you. But it takes a whole life time to fulfill this promise, it takes everything that you have to actually love some one! If you have that much strength to be with someone in the most tough times, if holding hands of someone in front of this world is  not an act of shame for you, than only say these words to that person and hold his hand!  Remember, some one is giving his life in your hands and is counting on you leaving everyone behind, when he would hear these words from you and if you don't have guts to stay with him, stand beside him,  if your career, study in abroad, yourself is most important, you have no right to spoil someone else's life! If you can't give smiles to someone, you have got no right to give tears too!


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