Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rusty Travel, Once Again....

I just got at my guest house. It was not a very pleasant journey. Part because I am not feeling well and part because of the stupid bus which I boarded while starting for my travel. I normally take a bus only as its very near to my home and within minutes I can be there rather than the train station which is much far. So as like always, I went to the bus stand with my dad and took the bus. Now, normally the Punjab Roadways is the bus service that I prefer, not because that they drive really fast but they are good and I feel like at home there. So when I got a bus from the same in the morning, I was like, okay that's good. I started quite early in the morning so I was assured that I shall make it on time( and I did too) to the airport. But its just that may be I expect things just too early and that's the problem with me!

I am not sure but that's a kind of thing that always there is some problem with the tyre's of the Punjab Roadways buses or may be they don't like me and when I am sitting inside. there is a problem. It has happened so many times that my bus has got flat tyre's. So I guess just to make it different, this time there was a new thing which was there. Everything was fine up till the time when there was a sudden noise of BAM BAM ! All were shocked as it was coming from the bottom of the bus. The noise was like that someone is banging bus with a hammer and it was a very strong noise! So just like a normal thing, all the passengers asked the driver to check it. After the first hand check he told , there is a broken piece of tyre's tube which is striking bus's surface and is making the noise. Now, it was not such a big issue but still, the noise was completely unbearable. So he said, he will move the bus slowly. Well at last we started but that's the issue was that we started "really slow". Now, if I was just moving like all the other passengers, I wouldn't be worried too but I got a flight to catch and they wouldn't listen that I got late because my bus's tyre was making noise! Well, I got nothing in my hands except to just sit and pray that things would go fine. Driver told us that he would cut that extra piece and than that noise will go off. Cool but the only issue was, today is Sunday and this means most of the shops are supposed to be closed and guess what, they were :-) ! So despite that both the driver and conductor were looking with desperation, there was nothing available. Once they did find a shop but only to figure out that the owner of it is sleeping and he never woke up :-). Anyways,  it was a filling station so some guy from the staff came and helped in cutting that piece of rubber. In all this BAM BAM, we lost about an hour which means that troubles for me were started. The only good thing was , I was moving!

So finally I got at the airport and I had about 45 minutes with me to get my baggage screened , do the check-in , clear the security and wait for boarding! Phew too much to do isn't it in a very less time! Well, I did manage to finish some how everything before the plane leaving without me! I said before that I am not feeling well, so all this was a bit uncomfortable for me. Did I mention that I already did a 14hour travel yesterday only and got a sleep for only 3 hours? So this means that I am completely exhausted. Its just good that I got at my guest house on time. Anything before 1am is on time for me because that's usually when I get over here. Tomorrow will be the starting of a tough week. Let's see what happens? But first thing first and that's rest at the moment for me. See you tomorrow!


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