Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back, Filled With Disappointment....

I just got back from a grueling tour. I am not sure that I can remember a tour which I felt so long and where I had such a huge urge to get back to home? I guess and hope, this was the only one and the number shouldn't increase. There were series of jolts which did come all the time in this tour. I just woke up from a day long nap, again something which I don't do very often when I get back. But this time, I just couldn't hold myself to stay up.

 As I had mentioned in my last post, I didn't get good rating in the first program of mine. Though the comments were good but the rating wasn't and the irony is that the module is that one which I have taken almost 100 times. I was told that it doesn't matter for me what is the rating but I guess, it does and it will as long as I shall be in this profession. Though the 2nd program did go well( so was the last one too) and the rating did get improve along with lots of good comments but still, it wasn't very good according to my opinion. I don't know the reason of it. I gave my best shot and I guess this time,  especially in the 2nd program, I did add a lots of stuff which I have learned with the passage of time. So I am not sure what I lacked and where? I am not feeling well and that thought is hitting me in the back of my mind so that can be one of the reason but again, I don't think its good to justify your mistakes/failures. A failure is a failure and there isn't any justification for it. Though, again for the 2nd program too, I was told that I shouldn't be bothered as this actually went really well. We do check some thing called , feasibility of the program for the audience and the score was very high for that. This does mean that the audience did find the program helpful in their day to day work which in my opinion is the end result of any program. If that doesn't happen that audience doesn't find the program beneficial for what they do, the whole meaning/effort is wasted. So in that way, I am satisfied that I was able to speak something which they found useful for them. In addition to that, in both the programs, there were smiles over all the faces(except on mine to be honest) so I guess , things didn't go too bad too! In short, I am not happy with my performance, I really am not!

So with a heavy heart filled with disappointment over my performance, I did start for airport yesterday. I didn't have any cash with me as I gave all what I had the other night as a payment for my hotel. I wasn't worried as I knew that there is an ATM outlet from where I can get it. I guess, I always assume that things would be fine a little too early which put me into trouble all the time. So the same happened this time too. My driver took me from another and shorter way , compared to the one from where I came last time. Now,despite that I tried to explain him so much where did I see last time the ATM outlet, he didn't understand being a non-speaker of my language. When we got near to the airport, he asked me that where I was saying the counter would be, only to hear that we just chose a different way and the outlet is left somewhere far behind. With so much innocence, he asked me, should we go back sir? Well, it was just an hour and half which was left for my flight to take off so there was no chance of it. I had an idea(which was again wrong) that there is an outlet over the airport too from where I can get the money as I did remember getting the money once from that counter. Everything is correct about this idea except that I forgot that I did see and used that counter in an another city's airport , not on this one! Wow, talk about a shock and I had one! So, here I was , with some pennies in my wallet and searching for an ATM to get the money because I would need it when I would get down to my place to catch a cab and bus! After asking couple of persons over the airport, I came to know that there is one outlet which is of some other bank on the lower ground floor. Imagine a guy with his baggage running from the top floor to the ground floor with an hour left for his flight to take off! At last, I did get the money from that outlet with an additional fee added as it was not my bank but still the bargain was not bad because now I had the cash with me.

Normally , the flight which I was about to take yesterday, gets delayed.  The same didn't happen yesterday, one more reason that I was happy, not knowing that this happiness is just for a short while and when I shall get aboard, I shall experience the worst flying experience of my life. When I was aboard, the first thing that I noticed was that the seat was struck. Despite even beating the back rest, it refused to move an inch even! I asked the staff, they just said sorry with a pity face. Surely, I had no other choice but to just sit over that seat. This flight doesn't offer complimentary meals, one needs to buy it in-flight. I didn't have anything since afternoon but I wasn't in a mood to eat anything. So I thought , I shall just get a cup of tea and some water. I asked for tea thinking that I would get "normal" tea but I got a cup of hot water with a packet of "premix tea". Now I never had a premix tea before so I got no idea how it would taste like? I asked the air hostess who simply said in a recorded manner, this should be just fine sir! Yeah yeah, only if you would had tasted it yourself lady! So I added some of the premix powder to my cup ,did stir it and had first sip, suddenly, all of my sleep , tiredness was gone! Not because that the tea was very strong, but all of my senses , taste buds of my tongue were trying at their best to figure out that what the heck just I tasted? I asked the staff who asked me that did  I add the complete packet to the cup or just some part of it( I added just a spoon of it I guess) and I replied , do you really think that the whole packet would get fit into this small cup of water? I was told that's how one should have this tea, complete addition of mix to the cup is mandatory. I tried that too, only to experience that the taste became more bad! In fact it was that much bad that I had to return that whole cup as like it was for letting it be a part of bin! End of my tea session and also of any desires to try something else too!

Finally when I got at the airport, after solving the puzzle that which belt has my luggage, I started for the bus stand.  The bus which I got was just "too good". Thanks to it, I couldn't sleep for a minute even when I was traveling in the night. Final blow would had come when I was about to get down from it. I got down and was going to get my bag out and in the meantime, the driver started moving the bus. I had to run and get into the bus again otherwise either I would had lost my bag or would had been run over by the bus. Neither doesn't sound good right ;-) ! Anyways, I was able to get my bag out safely without being run over by the bus's tyres. When I got back, I was feeling just so much tired, upset. So after bath, I just went to bed and fell asleep.

I got to travel after 2 days again. I just hope that this time, things would be a little better. I don't mind rusty travels but my health and my program must remain fine. I hope it does happen this time that I shall be able to smile too with the others! Let's see!


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