Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Looong Day....

Indeed it was! I am just feeling so much tired at the moment when writing this. I had to get up in the morning at 5.30am to drop my sis for work. When I came back , I thought I would sleep for just some time but I was asleep for complete 3 hours! I had some plans with me for today so I just had a quick breakfast and got ready. It was going to be a long day and I knew its going to be fun!

My first stop for the day was at the place where I go for my hair cut and a non-often face clean(or facial if my hair dresser and sis would insist). It was a long time since I had undergone a face clean so I thought,  I shall get one today. Initially , its always the hair cut and I only reveal at the end of it to my friend-cum-stylist that I need one face clean too. And when I mention it, its the most happiest day for him I believe because I always hear, wow today's date must be noted :-). Anyhow, its always fun to relax for a while and I don't mind getting couple of unknown creams/packs/whatever over me and have a feeling that something good is happening. Unknown because when all that is getting applied, my eyes are closed so I don't have a slightest clue even what gets applied and what not! And the answer for just having a good feeling, despite of my best efforts (and of my stylist too to show me) , I never am able to find that "killer glow" over my face which except me, everyone else detects and acclaims. Nevertheless, its a good feeling as I said for me, so I go for it. Normally , it takes about an hour for all this to get complete excluding my hair cut time, which normally is about 20 minutes. If you know me and have seen my current hair cut, you would say that its a little too much but its true, my stylist does take that much time. So like all the other days, today also , I got into one of those massage rooms and was lying down with eyes closed , hoping that this would just finish in no time. The toughest part for me is that moment when after applying some mystic cream, my stylist start plucking my skin out of my nose , or in other words, start getting the "black heads" out. I never really did understand how the heck heads come over nose but never mind, its better not to speak when you don't know about something/topic. So I was thinking about all this and was lying listening to some music. The process started as usual like the other days. I didn't feel any difference for some time. Only when I started to count that I did finish about 5 big Qawallis , each of almost 30 minutes duration, I was like, "something is changed today". It was indeed very long time that I was lying over that bed and all the time I was thinking, how the heck gals manage to lie down over so long time without having any issues because I was getting just so much restless and wanted to get up immediately. In between of all this, my stylist came and I asked him, how long it has been and he started laughing. He told me that today he wanted me to undergo the complete process and he didn't just do face clean today but also some facial. Great! Well, nothing wrong about that guy, he is a good friend of mine and a very good technician in his work. He always does that thing which is good for me so its okay. Despite that I was so much restless,  I just listened to him and let him do whatever he had chosen for me. Finally after some 3 hours , everything got finished and I was allowed to get up. Again, as like always, I failed to see any "killer glow" over my face but all said, its just there. Nevertheless, its always fun to do all this so its okay. I just said bye to all of them there and left for my next stop, shopping for a new toy, a new box!

I have a desktop which I bought almost 7 years back. The configuration of it is some thing on which any new user of current timings would just laugh so I won't mention it but at that time, that was the best configuration that one could get. But as like everything, change is essential, at least in some things and one of those things is the hardware of a computer. With the current time, where lots of new softwares are coming, with more power and thirst for bigger and powerful computing power, its not possible to keep your self away from upgrades. I did manage to do it for so long, up til today if have to be precise but there are certain things for which I feel handicapped when I don't have my own box to play with. Despite of the fact that I wanted to get a new one from rather a much longer time, I was always like, "next time" when it was actually the time to buy it. Don't ask me the reason for it. But today, my mom said that I must go and get one as its not a thing of fun for me, I need it and I know that I need it so its no point to put it on hold. So I decided to get one for me today. I know a friend who deals in all this so I just went to him. Again , as like all who are with me, his first statement was when he saw me , today's date must be noted. He knew if I am there it means I am not going back without getting one! Well , it didn't take him much time to get things which I wanted and the install process was started. By this time, when I was sitting there, there was a mother with her son too who came to buy a machine. That guy(kid) was studying in his graduation and somehow , he asked my friend(dealer of computers) about Oracle's software disk. My friend said ask him(me) about it. So I told the guy to check Oracle's technology site and download from there. His mom asked me what I do? To answer that I said , I teach people how to use oracle. In the meanwhile, that guy asked me, so as you must not be knowing database, do you know PL/SQL( a basic learning topic about oracle) ? I just stopped my smile somehow and just could manage to say, yes I think so. He was like, learn Java, it will be good. I said, thanks I shall try doing it. There was one another guy sitting there, I don't know who he was, he asked about Window 7 to my friend. I told him that its of no use to go for it as its still in its Beta only. I said that its better to go for Linux, both for learning and for daily use. To that, both guys said, you know Linux, do you know UNIX as well? Oh my gosh, I just said, yes a little bit. That lady took my number and said , she would call me for her son. Not sure that for what but let's see what she would say. By this time, my machine was ready so I left to get the cash for the payment.

Now, when I am writing this, my new box is loaded with 2 window platforms, XP Professional and Media Center. At the moment, Oracle's , Oracle Enterprise Linux's installation is going on. Some how, OEL is not picking up my mouse and I don't know why! I yet have to install oracle db over both the platforms. I am not sure that I shall be doing it now or tomorrow as I am just so much tired. But before I sign off, I must admit, the machine is amazingly fast! I guess, I didn't make a wrong decision to get one. Time now for some serious , oracle, Linux action!


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