Thursday, February 26, 2009


I got back today morning after a grueling program. I just hope that it went well. I am not sure though about it. The guys were smiling and were very happy so that's a good sign if you ask me but still, I am much concerned about rating too this time.

There was not anything special that happened over my travel back. I am not sure why but I am just feeling drop dead tired. Now , I can't say that its for no reason because I know , I am pushing my self for couple of things a little too much and this certainly can be a reason for this over tiredness. Yesterday, when I finished my session at about 4.30pm, I was struggling with my self to keep my eyes open. My cab was going to be late so I just decided to stay back in the office rather than going all the way back to guest house and when I was sitting there, my eyes were not getting open at all! The irony is that when I am so much tired like this and want to take a nap, some thing or the other happens because of which I never able to get one. The same happened yesterday too. I thought that I shall take a short nap while coming to the airport. But just when I was about to close my eyes, I got a call from one colleague of mine and she kept on talking about one thing or the other, leaving me once again, sleepless. I am never able to sleep in the flight so there was no other place where I could get a nap anymore, there goes my sweet sleep. I was already not able to open my eyes but when I got at check-in counter, I got to hear a news which made my sleep go completely vanished. I have a frequent flier card. Though I don't use it much but still, I did use it couple of times. So when I gave the same yesterday and asked the lady over the counter to tell me about the miles that I have in it, she surprised me by the reply that I had no miles under this card. Hmm now I may not use the card very often but I did use it couple of times so zero miles is certainly possible. She checked really deep and it was indeed true that I had no miles associated with my card. Good, so what would I do now? Nothing, I just asked for another card which I could use from this year onwards. The lady did enter that card's number and said, its active now. Hope this time, I would have some miles with me over this card and I promise, I shall use my card for sure now in a more regular fashion.

Regulars over here must be aware about this that I take a cab from airport to bus stand. I did the same yesterday too. There are a lot of changes happening over the New Delhi airport. Yesterday I saw that the place of prepaid counter for cab is changed. Hope these all changes would actually make the airport of nation capital a much better place to start/end travel. Anyways, so I just went to the bus stand, got my bus and started off for home. Driver just made the bus "fly". I got the bus at 1am and I was at my place at 6am. Now that's FAST!

So what's next? To be honest, I don't know. I have got a blank mind at the moment. I just want to spend some time with me and myself. It seems that its been a long time since the last I had done it and I am feeling, its really important at this point to do it. Besides this, I have got some projects to finish so I shall try to focus over them too. I have some thoughts in mind about which I shall try to write as well. All this and much more is in draft, let's see how much will see the sunshine? At the moment, its time to sleep. So see you all later!


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