Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday....

I started blogging or I should say, I registered my first blog just because that I had to post a comment on Tom Kyte's blog. I had no intention to start a blog of my own at any point. Though i did register my first blog quite a long time back from the time when I actually started posting over it. The first one was over BlogSpot which later on , got acquired by Google. When the blogging was still picking up in the entire world, one more player came up and created a storm in this arena, WordPress. Jumping in to the bandwagon, I did register for ta free blog account too like many others worldwide. And this did happen today, 15th of February when I said hello to this world through it. Its been an amazing ride so far. I have got some very interesting comments over couple of my posts, got to hear some nice words from people. I thank to all who do come up and read my random musings. Thanks a bunch to you guys. I hope I shall be able to post something more meaningful too in the future posts. But as Tim Hall said once, writing should not be done with the urge to change this world through it, especially not in/through blogging. So certainly, I am not intended  to do so too. These are just my thoughts, feelings and expressions about what goes on around me. A look at this world from my eyes, that's what my writing is all about! I shall try to improve but can't promise :-). Thanks a bunch once again for the support, comments and even for just to visit here. Please do keep coming back as you and your comments, are always welcome!


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