Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its Travel Time....

Yes I am leaving tomorrow. I am not sure that what's the outcome of the tour. If you are following than you must be aware about what happened in the last trip of mine. Thinking of that, I must say, I am a bit scared , both for my health and about the program. I am not sure what's going to happen this time. Those who know me for real, they must be aware about this fact that I am not a sort of person who would let things go just like that and won't give my best. I do it all the time(at least I try to do) so I shall do the same this time too. I just hope things would go fine and there won't be any "shocks" for me after the program. Do pray for me guys, really need your wishes!

Before I leave, I just want to mention that I am happy today over something. Want to know what? Well, if you have read about my thoughts about Roadies and in that, a guy from the current season, Devrishi over here , you must be knowing that I didn't like that guy at all. Besides that there are just too many reasons for me to not to like him at all, one is that he is just a loud mouth , over confident chap who think that he is the best thing happened to this mankind after mankind! Well, I mentioned in my last random rambling too, I know why is he like that and its not completely his fault. Anyways, he is not that important that I would waste my web space talking about him that much. I am happy because in today's episode, he got "thrown out" of the show. Yes , you did hear me right, he wasn't voted out but was thrown out like a dead fly out of the milk is thrown! And again, in all this, none else but he himself was responsible. His own stupidity or over-intelligence , whatever you may say, got him killed today. And I am just happy to see that he is out, I really am! After what he did to Nauman, the way he reacts, he was going to end up like this only what he faced today. It was just a matter of time and that time came today. Its never going to end up just in thin air when you are going to hurt some one! Sadly , people like Devrishi don't realize this and even more sad is that they never would too! Some just know how to find 100's of ways to justify their acts/mistakes , without knowing that justifications can't be given for all the mistakes and sorry doesn't make dead alive, doesn't heal broken hearts and not all the mistakes are forgiven by a mere word sorry!


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