Monday, January 19, 2009

Tough Day, Great Evening....

You may be thinking that this post title doesn't make sense at all. Yes, it does sound a bit odd but that's what happened today and by the end of the post , you will be agreed that the title indeed makes sense.

If you are following this blog than you must be knowing already that I am not feeling well. Its been since the last travel which I did that I am having couple of issues, both physically and mentally. But as I am again on the travel at the moment, which is for work, I can't escape it. So despite that I was having no strength in the morning to get up, part because I did get over here very late in the night which lead to no dinner and almost no sleep too( well, that doesn't happen otherwise also too much) and because of a "bit of" fever, I had to leave. Day didn't go much bad as so far, the guys are good and being supportive. But its too early to say anything as we have just started today and there is a long path ahead. The program did start with lots of hiccups as in the morning, the setup over the machines was not done. So me and the all the guys had to wait for almost an hour for it. I tried to use my machine but it couldn't get connected to the projector. The facilities team did change the projector but it was of no use either. Finally, some how we did get start after first tea break and from that point onwards, things went smoothly. I hope it remains the same for the subsequent days too. I am having a very tough time while speaking as my throat is sounding "very sweet". So I am having every hour or half, a cup of semi-boiled water. I just hope that it doesn't go more bad than this. I guess, my first half of the title should make more sense now, it was a very tough day for me.

Some times, some good things also happen and somehow on those times, when you are feeling really low. Some thing similar happened today with me as well. I am not in a good mood so may be to cheer me up, God made me meet with one of my instructors today, a guy who actually got me started with Oracle and was my first official trainer, mentor. He came to attend some other session and it was a very pleasant surprise for both of us. I met him after 6 years and this turned out as one of the best moments for me. As he is here, he said that he would come with me to the guest house and we  shall spend some time together. There is another common friend who is also staying in the same guest house of mine, so we became 3. Than,  we called one more guy and found that he is also here for some work. So finally he also got ready to come to us. So in the end, there were 4 of us. We had a great time! We talked about almost everything, life, job, love, children, families and much much more! As I was not having meals today, so rest of 3 had dinner while I sat and had fruits. Than we all went on a small drive also to the near by shop. I was not supposed to have anything today but still, being with all those people was much more rewarding for me. All made me smile so much and tried to cheer me up in the best possible manner. Its been a really long time since I laughed this much as I did today. Finally, at about 10pm, two guys left and two of us, came back to our rooms. I was really not feeling happy but this evening proved to be one of the best evenings that I had. We have made some more plans for the next 2 days also. Let's see how things will shape up? But overall, we all had a blast!

So, I guess now you should be agreed that this was a tough day which ended up with a very good evening, right!


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