Saturday, January 24, 2009

So I Am Back....

I got back today morning only. But, since morning, I was busy in one thing or the other so couldn't sit and write. I was feeling so tired and as I am not feeling well, this added more to it. After about an hour or so since I came back, I was on bed. It doesn't normally happen but this time, I felt like that I am going to fall if I won't sleep for some time. About the trip, yes it went well. I was so much worried about it but, all were smiling and that's a good sign. Guys were great and I hope that they did enjoy the session and it was some what useful for them.

In case you were on Mars and missed my blog, it was my birthday yesterday. As I was out of my home, my friends threw a small party for me. It was so nice to see that they ordered a cake for me and brought pizzas for the lunch. What more, there was an official email which was sent to everyone to come and be a part of this party. This was the 2nd cake which I was supposed to cut as I already did cut one in the mid night which my manager brought for me. It was really nice to see all of them being so nice and making the day, a memorable one for me. Whatever call I got to wish me, out of that too, one call was really special. I have a friend who is married and has gone to states. She was not feeling well but still, she did manage to call me for 2 minutes to wish me. That was so touching. She especially took permission to call me over my birthday from her doctor and asked some one to get the calling card for her. That was something which I won't ever forget. I didn't get much calls. Though that some, whom I did expect would call for sure, they were no where to be even seen or heard, leave alone the talk of wishing me but which ever few who called, they really did make me feel special. My friend Sunil , was the first one to wish me yesterday. From the office, every single person came and wished me, including Shantnu sir, Pavan, Lakshmi, Sam, Lalitha, Vijay. They all made the entire afternoon so special for me. Lakshmi gave me a small picture of Lord Krishna with a prayer that he will take away all of the pains of mine. I hope Krishna do listen to this. Also there were Parmod and Prabhu sir, who were so happy and took snaps from Shantnu sir's new camera. I hope to get the pics soon. As soon as I shall get them, I shall edit this post and will give the link. It certainly felt good to see that still for some, I am special and they really do care about me and about small things of mine. Just this thing hurt( as I wrote in my last post too) that few who were supposed to really make me feel special, some of them, didn't even bother to wish me even or wished just for the sake of wishing. Don't know what to say, I have got no words to put here except this that some times, words fail to express pain.

So after all of this, I got back home. My sister too did order cake for me which I did cut today morning. She bought a shirt for me from herself and that's the most precious gift for me. She told me that she wants me to buy some more stuff so I did go in the evening today and bought 1 more. Mind it that these shirts are not the kind which you see me wearing all the time. They are totally casual( a little too much) and it may be a shock for many to see me like that. But, the secret is, that's what I am in real ;-). Anyways, we had great time over the mall. She did buy a waist belt for herself which I really didn't understand that what it was? I was told that what she bought is the current fashion so I better listen and not comment. Alright, so I did follow exactly as I was told :-).

So, now I am at home and I hope, my health will recover a bit. Though I am at home but I have got tons of work to do. There is one current task that I am having which is not letting me have any peace of mind. I just hope that it gets completed successfully. Let's see what happens? But whatever work may be there, I have some plans for myself and  I shall see that I can execute all of them while I am at home.


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